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Does God Have a Permissible Will?

There are people who believe that there is something called "The Permissible Will of God". Is there really such a thing as the permissible Will of God?

What is the Will of God?

What really is the Will of God? We attempt a definition/description of what the Will of God is in this clip.

Obtain and Do Your Part in the Will of God

Every believer has a role to play in the execution /implementation of the Will of God. But first he must obtain it by revelation from God, and then he must set about doing it.

Prayer is ... Asking Seeking & Pressing to Know the Will of God

If we are to do the Will of God, it is not out of place to ask God for what that Will is. We must bear in mind that as with everything that we ask of God, He is at liberty to tell us or not to tell us. Nonetheless, prayer is asking, seeking, and pressing to know the Will of God; and remember, it is those who are willing to do God's Will that He is obliged to reveal same to!

Prayer is ... Asking God for the Grace to do His Will

It is one thing to know the Will of God; it is another thing to do it. And since doing the Will of God is uppermost in the mind of God for His children, and it really can be a struggle so to do, we most certainly need to ask for grace from God to enable us do His Will according to His way.

Eliminating the Kingdoms of Satan and Self

If the Kingdom or rule and reign of the Son of God is to be enthroned over our lives, the kingdoms of Satan and Self must be dethroned from having dominion over our lives.

Sanctification: The Key to Consistent Obedience and True Divine Service

Unless a man is sanctified by the Holy Spirit, he will be unable to obey God; and if he is unable to obey God, he cannot be in divine service. Hence, sanctification is God's way of bringing man to the place of consistent continuous obedience, and true divine service.

Only When God is Enthroned in Our Lives Can He Use Us

As much as we would want to be used of God, it is only when He is enthroned over our lives that we can really and truly be used of Him.

Prayer is ... Seeking the Enthronement of the Rule and Reign of Christ in Your Life

Praying "Thy KIngdom come.", is desiring and seeking the enthronement of the rule and reign of Christ over our lives first and foremost, before we can then be used to do same through prayer, deliverance, preaching, and, teaching, for others.

Prayer Is ... an Honest Conversation with God

When we pray, we are having an honest conversation with God. This conversation must be had in an open and frank manner; with the one praying, recognizing his own frailties in contrast to God's sovereignty.

Prayer Is ... Communing With God Yourself

The trend in which individuals are always asking to be prayed for, is not helpful to the spiritual development and growth of that individual. Is a person cannot speak to God by himself after the way has been paved by the Lord Jesus Christ, then we must wonder what is wrong with the individual.

Prayer Is ... a Divine Encounter

When we pray, it is an encounter with God, which should not leave us the same way we went in.

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