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What to Do When You Receive Information

Rather than go to pieces when one hears bad news or even supposed good news, from anyone, we ought to seek God's view on the matter,

Is Your Religion Meaningful or Meaningless?

Whatever we do by way of good deeds or anything for that matter in Christendom that is not done out of love for God and man, is useless and meaningless, and the religion thereof, false and fake.

Money to Do Good Deeds?

Do you need money in order to do good deeds? The answer simply is, :No". Peter said "Silver or gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee." Good deeds are accomplished with what you have, rather with what you don't have. Hence, even if you don't have money, you can still do good deeds.

Of Tithes and Giving

This is a brief discourse on the true essence of tithes and giving. Hopefully, this will help clear the air on some misconceptions on the subject.

Becoming Must Precede Performance

Many people think that doing good deeds is just about getting up and doing the deed. You first need to become a child of God before you can perform good deeds.

Anointed for Good Deeds

One of the reasons for Christians being anointed with the Holy Spirit is so that they can do good deeds.

Christianity is Unique

Anyone who is a Christian and is doing what people who are not is doing, such an individual is not doing a Christian thing, because, a Christian is empowered to do what he/she is expected to do.

God Prepares Us to Show His Kindness to Others

After we are born again, God works within us so that we can show forth His kindness to other people.

Is God Really Using You

If you are not willing to suffer in order to serve God to bring salvation to many, then it is impossible for God to use you.

What is Doing Alms?

We attempt a definition of what doing alms means.

The Revelation of God Through You

By doing good deeds, we are revealing the nature and kindness of God to a world that does not know God.

Asking in Faith

Asking in faith requires that we first know the Will of God on the issue we want to ask about; as the bible says that we can be confident in our asking when we know that what we are asking about is in accordance with the Will of God.

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