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What Manner of Spirit Do We Find Among Christians Today?

When we consider the conduct of many who claim to be Christians today, we are compelled to wonder what spirit is influencing them.

Carnality: The Bane of Modern Day Christianity

Christianity is facing its most trying time in this generation, because of carnality; and until and unless it is dealt with, it will be ruin of Christianity as it ought to be.

Are You Hostile to the Word of God?

Hostility to the word of God is the result of a carnal mind. No matter how much a carnal mind wants to do the Will of God, it cannot because, it does not have ability to. Only a spiritual mind can obey God!

The Spirit of Christ v Carnality

Ultimately, the question needs to be asked whether or not a Christian is being influenced by the Spirit of Christ or another spirit.

You Must Kill the Flesh to Walk in the Spirit

We have one of two choices: either walk in the Spirit or follow the leading of the flesh. And as long as the latter is not done, the former cannot take place.

You Are Called to Set Men Free Not Set Them on Fire

The Christian is called to set men free from sin and demonic oppression; not to set them on fire by praying down fire and brimstone!

The Body of Christ is One Not Divided

The Body of Christ, also known as the Church, is One irrespective of differences in skin colour, nationality, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, etc. Nothing can divide the true Body of Christ!

Will You Be Ready When the Lord Shall Come?

How prepared are you for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this clip, we give a personal testimony and a challenge to seek preparedness for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through Jerusalem to Heaven

The pathway to heaven (eternal life) is through Jerusalem, which is a figure of suffering, persecution, mockery, death, etc. And unless we follow the Lord Jesus Christ to the place of the cross, we would not be able to enter into the kingdom of God!

Temptations Abound to Dissuade From Getting to Jerusalem

There will be attempts to dissuade us from getting to Jerusalem--the place of trial, tribulations, suffering, persecution, and even death; and we must strive to keep on the strait and narrow path, which will keep us on the path of glory through suffering!

Resolve to Get to Jerusalem

As we go to 'Jerusalem' with the Lord Jesus, we are faced with temptation that seek to make us avoid going there; hence, we must needs be determined, resolved, and resolute about going to 'Jerusalem', although it is unpleasant for the believer in Christ, yet it is the pathway to eternal life.

Jesus Walks With You While You Are Following Him

As we follow the Lord Jesus to Jerusalem--the place of suffering, persecution and death--The Lord Himself will be with us. This is the assurance that we have, and so, we can go to our own 'Jerusalem' knowing that the Lord is with us!

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