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James 1:21-25

We see the basis for the profiting or not of the word of God--a heart that is free of all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, but receptive to the word of God, with meekness, as well as the doing of the word of God.

Psalm 1

The state of a man, vis-a-vis, the word of God, and his blessedness or otherwise is discussed here.

Joshua 1:8

Why we are to read and recite the word of God--to be able to do or put to practice, the word of God, and become prosperous and truly successful!

Hebrews 3:7--4:12

The reasons why people don't do the word of God, even though they have heard the word of God are given here--hardness of heart, unbelief, and disobedience.

Faith: The Key to Doing the Word of God

The bible says that the word of God which was preached to us, as well as, to those of old, did not profit those of old, because the word which they heard was not mixed with faith. If the word of God is to profit its hearers therefore, it must be mixed with faith in the heart of the hearers.

Manifestations of Understanding the Gospel

What can we expect to see in the life of an individual who has an understanding of the Gospel? This clip tells us.

Warning: The Time is at Hand!

The time of the return of the Lord Jesus is at hand, so, let us beware!

You Can Walk and Work With Jesus and Still Not Understand Him

It is indeed to walk with and work for the Lord Jesus, and still not understand Him. Many have followed Him and yet do not have an understanding of Him or the Gospel He came to preach.

Zeal Must be with Knowledge and Understanding

There people who engage in ministry without zeal; but there are those who do so with zeal, yet they lack understanding. What we need are people who engage in minstry with zeal, and, knowledge and understanding.

Implementing God's Gospel Plan

It is one thing to know the gospel plan of God; it is an entirely different thing to implement it. How are you implementing your own part of the gospel plan?

Let's Preach to and Pray for the Unsaved

An admonition and prayer for the believer in Christ to be involved in the spread of the gospel to everyone everywhere.

The Natural-Spiritual Dichotomy

A further explanation about the nature of the spiritual vis-a-vis the natural, and how we can gain victory over the challenges of life, by getting it in the place of prayer.

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