The Voice Of One

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The Case of the Condemned Man
The Boy Who Wanted to go to Enugu
Barabbas: The Story of All Men
An Incontrovertible Truth
Independence v. Freedom
The Boy Who Wanted to See The Queen
The Tasting is in the Eating
The Rescue of the Trapped Miners
The Prodigal Son
The Atheist
The Way to Eternal Life
The Foolish King
The Death of Jesus Christ
The Travelling Salesman (1)
The Travelling Salesman (2)
Too Far Gone for God
Missing: A Member of the Family
Who is this Man?
New Year's Resolution
Where the Grass is Greener
The Owner and the Caretaker
Living Life to the Full
What is Truth?
The Extent of God's Love
Who Will Have My Son?
In Search of a Meaning
So You Were Born Religious?
Change in Your Life
Dad's Returning Home
The Blind Man's Faith
Access Into Heaven
Pascal's Wager
Becoming Right With God
Making Bad Good
Why Did You Go to Church?
Eternal Life or Death: Which is Your Choice?
God's Offer of Rescue
Best to Know Jesus
Dealing With the Sin Virus
Spiritually Lost
Have You Lost Your Way in Life?
God is Wooing You
Get Married to Jesus
Let the People Go!
Are You Under a Siege?
The Naked King
The Rescue of the Trapped Miners (repeat)
The Love of God