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The Case of the Condemned Man

Wed like to kick off todays broadcast by telling you the story of a man who was less than two hours to facing a firing squad, having been convicted and sentenced for the crime of armed robbery.

As he sat in his condemned mens cell in the maximum security prison, he began to review his life. He looked back on the mayhem and destruction he had visited on so many individuals, families, and society at large, over so many years. His crimes were numerous armed robbery, rape, murder, and so on. It had all come down to this day the day of execution by firing squad!

As he sat reviewing his life, two men suddenly appeared to him in his cell.

The first man explained to him that it was not really his fault that he committed these crimes, because he was born to an armed robber; who was himself born to a murderer; who was himself born to a rapist; and so on. This first man told the condemned man that he was unfortunate that he was singled out, and only because he was caught. After all he said, you are not the first, and you will not be the last to commit these crimes. The first man went on to tell this condemned man that his trial was unfair, because his lawyer did not defend him well, and that the judge was biased. He told him that instead of moaning over what has befallen him, he should begin to plan his escape.

Then the second man interjected, and said to the condemned man that although, he was from an ancestry of criminals, he was the one who committed the crimes for which he was now to die for. The second man went on to tell the condemned man that had he not been caught, tried, and sentenced, he would certainly have continued in his crimes; and that even this conversation would not be taking place. The second man told the condemned man that rather than seek to escape, he should focus on making restitution to the individuals and families that are still alive, and ask forgiveness for his crimes from the One who can save him after he has been executed.

As he was pondering on these things and the course of action he was going to take, the key to his cell door was inserted. It was the prison officials the time of reckoning had finally come.

The story of this condemned man is like the case of all men. Without exception, all human beings have a death sentence hanging over their heads because of sin. The bible says, All have sinned and fallen short of Gods standards All means without exception presidents, governors, beggars, civil servants, policemen, judges, lawyers, the unemployed, all!

But not all come to this realization; so, to assist man, God enables man to come to a point in his life when he has to go over his life. It may or may not be in a prison cell. It may be while one is ill from an ailment from which he is not sure hell recover; it may be when a woman is about to go in to the delivery room; or when a person is being prepared for an operation or surgery. It may be when a person is on the run from the law, and they are closing in on him; or at the funeral of someone you saw just before he/she met an untimely death. It may be at a sober moment, when the frolicking, the partying, and the things that accompany them have ended, and you are no better for it; because, in most cases people who are having fun dont ever consider a reflection on their lives. No wonder the bible says, It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart. Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth. Ecclesiastes 7:2-4 (KJV)

Times of sorrow have their value for the soul of the man or woman who is given to pleasure, and does not have the time or patience to ponder his or her way.

And whenever, we are faced with situations that bring us to that point of contemplating our lives, two men always suddenly appear. They are the voice of confusion, and the voice of conscience.

The voice of confusion comes to muddy the water, and throw us into more confusion; while the voice of conscience comes to confront us with the truth about our lives.

Today, as you are being confronted with the truth about your life, sure enough, the voice of confusion will be present, as will the voice of conscience. My advice: listen to the voice of conscience. Conscience is what God has left within each individual to help us know the truth, even if everyone else is lying.

I dont know what you are going through right now, or where you are at, but one thing I know is that the word of God says that you are a sinner. And every sinner needs to be saved from sin, and thus be delivered from Gods judgment of eternal damnation.

No one really knows when the key to his or her cell door will begin to turn, and the door opened for the sentence of death for sins carried out. But one thing is clear, it is time for us to take stock of our lives. The day has come when the salvation of God is once again made available to those who decide to turn away from sin and turn to God. Salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is Gods promise to as many as are willing to turn away from their sins and to turn to God. This salvation not only saves from the sentence of death, but also enables the beneficiaries to live a sin-free life here on earth.

There is no need in planning an escape, because it wont happen, and it cant happen. Dont let the voice of confusion, which is from the devil; fool you into thinking that you cannot be held accountable for your sins: indeed, you are accountable, and you will be held accountable. Rather than plan an escape that cant happen, humble yourself (even this moment, as you are listening to this broadcast), and come to God asking for forgiveness for your sins, and He will pardon you and give you His gift of eternal salvation. He will bring you into a new life that is approved by Him: one of righteousness (living right by Gods standard); of peace (inner calm in spite of the confusion and rowdiness all around us) and of joy (the sort that no man can really explain, one that comes from within you and not dependent on what you have or dont have).

You dont have to wait for the Day of Judgment before you go over your life and consider how far you have gone away from God and from all that is righteous. Even if you attend church regularly, but you have not been living as God wants you to, this is the day when you should stop and take stock of your life.

The message we have brought to you today is that through the voice of your conscience, and this broadcast, God wants you to realize and acknowledge your sinfulness and need for Him in your life to make you sin-free; and He wants you to repent of your sins by confessing them before Him, and repudiating them. The combination of these two things (realization and acknowledgement, on one hand, and repentance and repudiation, on the other hand), enables Gods mercy, forgiveness, love and grace to become available to you; which then leads to your salvation.

Let us at this time breathe a word or two of prayer to God together. If you are driving a car at this time, you can speak it in your heart; and if you can, look for a spot to park your car. If you are busy doing house work or anything for that matter, please take a very short break now, and let us pray.