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The Way to Eternal Life

There was a young woman who decided to embark on a journey to a city called Life. After some time, she arrived at a large open square, and to her amazement, she saw that there were so many other people like her, who were on the same quest to the city called Life. The young woman noticed that in this large open square, those people who were on the same mission as she was, were huddled in groups, engaging in what seemed to her at the time, to be a very strange conversation: they were discussing among themselves about the way to the city of Life!

This shocked her because she had assumed that the way to the city of Life was clearly marked. The young woman was not to be at a loss for long, for she soon discovered that there were indeed very many directional signs all around the large open square, each indicating that the way on which they were located led to the city of Life.

The young woman tried to participate in the various discussion groups, but discovered that it was confusing. Each group had its own idea or view of what should be the right way to the city of Life; though none of them had ever really taken any. She then went to investigate for herself these various ways that each group claimed to lead to the city of Life, and observed that it was difficult to really tell which one would lead her to the city. She saw the broad way, the strict way, the culture way, the ascetic way, the tradition way, the rules and regulations way, the moral way, the political correctness way, the academic achievement way, the religious way and the narrow way; to mention just a few. It was all so confusing! Finally exasperated, she asked aloud, Is there someone who has actually been to the city of Life? Can you please show me the way?

Dear listener, there are many people, you and I inclusive, who find themselves in the same dilemma as this young woman in our story for today. We want real life; not the ordinary one we are living, but that life that is purposeful and significant, and which everyone at one time or another has desired to live. This real life is the life that a person can begin to have a taste of while here on earth, and which continues beyond here unto eternity, that is, after one has departed this world through death. Some simply refer to this real life as eternal life; which is to be distinguished from the everyday life in general.

No doubt, many people are seeking eternal life, but have discovered that there are equally as many people, books, and even a number of self-proclaimed holy scriptures out there; each claiming to point the way to eternal life. Some of these views have become the basis for many of the religions in the world today. Some are even so fixated about their views on eternal life that they are willing to kill anyone who speaks contrary to their view!

Finding the right path to eternal life can indeed be a tough decision, when everyone you turn to has an idea about it; each idea being significantly different from the other. Everywhere you turn, someone is offering a suggestion, a proposition, a reasonable argument, and even a set of creeds which they say, if practiced, will bring you to eternal life. Indeed, a rich young man in the very early part of the first Century A.D., in search of eternal life, was recorded to have asked, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? Matthew 19:16 (KJV)

In the midst of all the opinions, concepts and ideas, is there truly a tried, tested and true way, which can lead a person into eternal life? Dear listener, such a way indeed exists! Like the young woman in our story, there are many people who want to know this way; but the fundamental question remains: Is there someone who has actually entered into eternal life? If yes, how did he or she do it?

In trying to find an answer to this all important question, we would look at some claims that have been made over the Centuries; and see if we can really find one that we can hold on to as the right way to eternal life.

First, let us examine the case of a man, who many Centuries ago, thought that the way to eternal life was in giving up everything in this life with a view to attaining it. He did in fact give up his wealth and possessions, and spread this view all over the world directly and through his disciples over the Centuries. At the end of his life on earth though, he is believed to have told his followers that though his concept would help them to live morally upright here on earth, it would not bring them into eternal life.

Another man came on the scene, also many Centuries ago and told his followers that eternal life was to be arrived at by strictly following a creed or sets of rules and regulations which he said he had received from God over time. He put these tenets into a book, now commonly regarded as holy scripture. At the end of his life on earth, it is believed that when asked by his followers if he was indeed going to receive the eternal life he had preached to them for so long, he said he didnt know!

Then some other people arrived on the scene not too long ago in comparison to the first two earlier mentioned, and they figured that eternal life could be attained by going through a certain woman who gave birth to a child without having met with a man. These people claim that this woman is so influential with God that she can pave the way to eternal life if you ask her or simply go through her. But when the end of the journey came for them, they confessed that no one was good enough to receive eternal life. They then added to their earlier concept, the idea of a holding place where the souls of the dead must be kept, so that they can try to make themselves good before being admitted into eternal life. The idea further states that in cases where a person was really bad, that persons soul is returned to earth (a re-incarnation, if you please) and given another chance to be good enough for eternal life. Unfortunately, no one has been able to convincingly admit that he is a re-incarnation on his way to being a better person in order to receive eternal life!

Then there is the story of another man, and this one I am at liberty to speak freely about. His name is Jesus. He was born into the world of a virgin birth, and lived a sinless life. While He was here on earth, He told His disciples several times beforehand that He came to save mankind from eternal damnation, by paying the penalty for their sins through His own death on a cross, and that He would resurrect again on the third day to prove to them that all that He came to teach and do are true. He also told them that by this act of dying and resurrecting, He was paving the way for all men who believe in what He would do to enter into eternal life. Indeed, history verified that this Jesus was crucified by the Romans around 29 A.D. and resurrected, as He had foretold. To this date, in the nation where He lived while alive in the flesh, that is, in Israel, there is no tourist site designated as His tomb. There are sites like His birth place; the place where He was baptized; the places where he walked, preached, taught, and healed the sick; and the empty tomb where His risen body had once laid before His resurrection; but there is no record of a tomb that is still holding His bones till today. This Man is the One who holds the key to eternal life. He is the answer seekers of eternal life have been looking for. He came from the city of life, died for the sins of all men, resurrected from death, and returned to the city of life in heaven. This Man, Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ, as He is sometimes referred to, is truly the Way to eternal life!

Dear friend, the truth can sometimes be hard to believe. But let us take an advice from the question of the young woman in our story, and ask, not just for someone who has been to the city of life; but let us go to the One Who in addition, owns and lives forever in the city of life. That Someone is Jesus Christ!

But someone out there may say, Preacher man, I dont believe that there is a God; and I dont even believe in eternal life. Well, thats okay; but I challenge you to make your position certain that there is no God by speaking aloud these simple words: If there is a God out there, I want you to prove yourself to me so that I can believe. But for those of you who believe that there is indeed a God, all you need do, is ask Him, Please, can you show me the way to eternal life?

There is even a better way than asking questions; it is, believing and accepting what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, says about eternal life: I am the way, the truth and the life

Dear friend, the choice is yours: you can ask God to show you the way to eternal life; or you can simply believe what Jesus Christ said about Himself, and go to Him. Any one of these options should settle the question of eternal life, once and for all.

And by the way, the young woman in our story found the way to eternal life: she simply believed Jesus, who had come from the city of Life and who has now returned there! And besides, there are many people like this young woman who also believed Jesus, and are today, living in the full assurance of eternal life. I am glad to declare to you, that I too have found the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ!

The call is being sounded through this broadcast to anyone out there who is seeking eternal life: end your search today and come quickly to Jesus Christ now.

Let us pray!