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The Foolish King

In the days of old, kings were so powerful that they more or less held the power of life and death in their hands concerning their subjects. For this reason, they did not really have people around them. This led to the problem of boredom. So, to deal with the issue of the arbitrary use of power against their subjects due to boredom, the kings men in the olden days engaged the services of a jester. The jester or palace jester or simply put, the kings fool, as he was called in those days, was essentially a clown who was supposed to be gifted enough to keep the king constantly happy and amused, so that he did not divert his energies into sentencing his subjects arbitrarily to various hardships or even death for just any offence.

This was the setting in one of the kingdoms of very many, many years ago. A certain kings fool had kept his king happy and amused for very many years, and the king began to wonder if there was anyone who could be a bigger fool than his jester. To answer his question, the king decided to send his fool on a mission. It was to seek out someone who was more foolish than his jester. The king also gave his fool a scepter to give to the person he finds who is more foolish than himself. And where he was unable to find one, the kings fool was to keep the scepter for himself.

So the kings fool made his preparations, and embarked on his journey traversing land and seas, seeking someone who was more foolish than himself. Many years passed by and he still had not found someone more foolish than himself. Then, one day, he got an urgent message from the king that he should return home. So, he hastened to return. On his arrival in the palace, he found the king seriously ill and at the point of death.

The king was happy to see him, and managed a smile in spite of the obvious pain he was in. The kings fool asked the king what the urgent matter was, and the king told him that he was about to embark on a journey that he would never return from. The jester asked the king if he knew where he was going to, but the king replied that he did not know. The jester then asked the king how prepared he was for the journey, but the king said he had not made any preparations whatsoever. But before the jester could say anything further, the king asked him if he was able to find someone more foolish than himself, and the palace jester said, Yes, my king and handing the scepter to the king, he continued, You are that man!

The palace jester could not imagine that someone who was to go on a journey as significant as the one his king was about to embark upon; neither knew where he was going, nor was he at all prepared for the journey!

There are so many people who are unprepared for that last journey that all who live on earth must make. What is most amazing is the fact that all around us, we see people die: the old, the young, the good, the evil, the rich, the poor, the philanthropist, the miserly, the over-achievers, the under-achievers, world leaders, unknown servants, Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Krishnas, atheists, occultists, native doctors, and so on. But not for one minute do people consider that it could be their turn tomorrow, or even the very next moment. Dear listener, death is the end of all men on the earth; and only a fool will be unprepared for the inevitable. King Solomon, considered the wisest man to have ever lived, tells us that, it is Better to spend your time at funerals than at parties. After all, he said, everyone dies so the living should take this to heart. He continues, Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us. A wise person thinks a lot about death, while a fool thinks only about having a good time. Ecclesiastes 7:2-4 (NLT). This wise man advices us to spend more time considering where we would end up, rather than engaging in frivolous partying. He suggests that we attend funerals, not for the merriments, but for the refining influence the sorrow of the passing away of someone you once knew, would have on your own soul.

In this world of uncertainty, it is amazing how people of a certain age continue to live as though they will never die. They engage in acts and conduct that leaves one dumbfounded. For example, one wonders what a seventy-something-year old man is still looking for chasing after money and marrying more wives at that age! Could it be that he has been deceived into thinking that he is invincible and that he is in a position to really be a husband to a woman who is probably the same age as his granddaughter? Or is it that he is deceived into believing that he has more time to live?

Then there are those who have a most curious preparation. It is a preparation against death. They travel all around the world seeking charms that would keep them alive forever. I sometimes wonder how foolish, people who you think should know better can be. Those who engage the services of charmers to prepare for them charms against death, are educated and influential men, who have attended the funerals of others, but their response to lifes inevitable call is to fight against it. Unfortunately, they always lose the battle against death. A musician once sang a song in praise of a socialite many years ago; to the effect that death will not kill the socialite. Needless to say, this socialite is dead and has been for about two decades now!

Then there are those who have prepared for the journey of the end of life, but in a most amusing way. Their preparation includes buying the clothes they should be worn when they die; the casket in which they would be buried; the celebration that should take place after their burial; and, the reading of their will; but they never prepare for the destination they will arrive at. It is like making all your travel arrangements for a trip to a very cold country, but never packing any warm clothing for use in the cold country. As good as it is to make arrangements to take care of those we leave behind after we die, it is important to remember that your lifes journey does not end in the grave. No! There is a destination beyond the grave for everyone: have you prepared yourself for your destination?

There are indeed two possible destinations for a soul after death; and they are neither the grave, nor purgatory! Purgatory is the invention of man. It does not exist! The two possible destinations for a departed soul are hell and heaven. When a person dies, he goes to one or the other.

Hell is the place originally prepared for the devil and his demons; but has now been expanded to include all human beings who choose to go along with the devil in this life. Hell is a place of great torment; a place of utter darkness, pain, and suffering. It is not a place that you would want to be in! It is the abode of evil personified. Everyone who desires to truly rest in peace after a life on earth, should make every effort to avoid this place.

On the other hand, heaven is the place where God lives. He has prepared it for all who live according to His standards. For sure, the standard of God is very high, but when a man repents through Jesus Christ, the Son of God; Gods standards can be achieved because He will be there to help him. Heaven is a place of beauty, peace and eternal joy. It is a place of constant light from God; with the tree of life providing healing for the nations and individuals alike. Heaven has been built to accommodate all who desire to be there. Contrary to what men have said, heaven is not the place of seven or seventy virgins, this is a lie that men have told themselves.

To get to destination hell, you do not need any preparations whatsoever, for hell is the default destination for all human beings, because of the sin of Adam and Eve. However, through Jesus Christ, God has made a provision for all human beings to avoid this destination. And this is where the matter of preparation becomes necessary. To be in heaven, the preparation that is necessary is that you first must repent of your sins, and receive Gods forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Thereafter, you must live your life according to Gods word, and that is accomplished only through His Spirit.

Let me give a quick illustration of what I am saying. In every nation, there are prisons built for the undesirables in society. These are usually citizens who go against the law of the land. And, as is practiced in nations ruled by dictators, prisons are also designed to hold men who are considered by these dictators to be in opposition to their rule. To ensure that you do not spend your time in any prison therefore, you must be careful to avoid doing anything that can land you in one. In addition, if you live in a nation ruled by a dictator, your preparations to avoid prison will include making sure that the dictator is pleased with you.

Dear listener, are you preparing for heaven? Or are you just living life without a care? Are you like the king in our story who knew about the inevitable journey he must embark upon, but made no preparations at all?

Today, I am pleading with everyone listening to this broadcast; if you have not been making preparations for the journey after death; choose heaven for your destination and begin to make your necessary preparations from now. It starts with repentance of your sins. And as numerous as your sins may be, Gods forgiveness is greater! Begin today to ask God for forgiveness, turn your back on sin, and make up your mind to live for God and you will be well on the way to heaven.

Let us pray!