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The Travelling Salesman (1)

It had been a whirlwind of a trip for the travelling salesman! He had left home with a mandate to make sales for his company, and had been given more than enough to cover his expenses. On arriving at the city he was to make sales, he had spent his allowance on whatever caught his fancy: food, wine, women, the casinos, and such like. He had stayed in the swankiest hotel in town! He chartered the best cars available from the car rental companies, and even changed cars as frequently as he desired! He had given tips to all and sundry; and had been in every night club that the time he had at his disposal would permit. He had dined and wined with the high and mighty in the city! What a trip it had been!!

It was now time to return home, and to his employers; when it suddenly dawned on him that the one reason for the trip had been left undone: he had made no sale whatsoever! Naturally, he was afraid and scared to return to his employers!

We all are like travelling salesmen, put here on earth by God (our Employer) to live to please Him (make sales). Unfortunately, like the travelling salesman in our story, many have enjoyed the world with all its trappings, without doing the one most important thing we have been put here to accomplish, that is; live to please our Employer (God).

God has made available to us a resource with which to please Him. However, many people have not used them; while those who have used them have either misused or abused this resource. Those who have misused this resource did not know how to use it; and those who abused this resource, used it in a manner that betrayed the trust given to them in using it appropriately. In todays broadcast, we shall focus on the people who have not used this great resource God has made available, either because they dont know about it, or because they dont appreciate its usefulness.

Although the life you now have has been given to you by God; it is contaminated. This contamination is the result of sin which came through our progenitors, Adam and Eve, when they disobeyed God. This means that as long as you are living based on the life you were born into, you will be unable to live for God.

Rather than live for God, you will only be able to live for yourself. No matter how much you try, you will find out that all you can do is frolic through life with whatever catches your fancy; enjoy the world to the full extent that you can muster the time and money to; and dine and wine with people you consider important. But the one most important thing which you should be doing, that is, live to please God, you would be unable to do! You will find that when you are not living to please God, you will engage in, and promote care-free living, pornography, prostitution, drugs, cults, money laundering, political massacres, witchcraft, and so on. In some other instances, you may even find yourself involved in challenging the very existence of God.

Like in our story of the travelling salesman, there is always a day when you will have to return to God! In an attempt to circumvent this dreaded moment, when men will meet with their true Employer, they have devised a dubious approach, which entails inventing for themselves, employers whom they insist they will give account of their stay on earth to. The problem with this approach is, these so called employers are in reality idols or gods. They do not own the earth nor have any say in the final judgment of God. In fact, these idols and gods will themselves; be judged by the Almighty God on the last day.

So my dear friend, when the day comes, for you to stand before God, what will you have to say? Having lived for yourself, your family, your career, your business, your friends, and your society, what would you say?

The good news today is that an opportunity is being extended to you to be able to appropriate the great resource God has made available to all men. This resource is the life of God! The life of God comes to us because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave up His own life so that in exchange, we might receive the life of God. To obtain the life of God therefore, you need first to accept that the life you have been living is contaminated with sin, and needs to be changed.

It is impossible for any human being born on earth to live for God, without the life of God being in him. Jesus Christ came down to earth to make it possible for us to receive this life. It was made possible through His death on the cross.
And if you can accept and declare that Jesus Christ died to give you access to receive Gods life, then you can freely ask for and receive the life of God today. This new life is holy, divine, and undefiled; it hates sin, and cannot argue with God. It does not agree with the devil and cannot be involved with night clubbing, prostitution, pornography, cheating, stealing, fraud, witchcraft, or any sinful act whatsoever!

This new life is what is referred to as being born again. It exhibits a desire that is in agreement with God; because it is the nature of God in a man.

Unfortunately, there are many people today who go by the name tag, born again, who are anything but, born again! They are in church, they sing church songs, and even pray, but their lifestyle does not reflect the life of God. They are still involved in many sinful acts which a person who has the life of God in him cannot be involved in. For instance, because God is holy, His life in a man will make that man holy, and make him unable to engage in any unholy conduct, such as fornication, stealing, lying, homosexuality, drug addiction, masturbation, witchcraft, hatred, and so on. It follows therefore, that if you say that the life of God is in you, and you are not living a holy life, then something is wrong terribly wrong!

If you say you already have Gods life in you, and you are living habitually in sin, then we can say without fear of contradiction that the life that you have is not from God! You will need to come to God in repentance, and ask Him for His life which is holy. Once the life of God comes into you, you will hate sin. You will be unable to knowingly and willingly commit sin in any form; nor make excuse for sin.

We implore you today to come and receive the genuine life of God, which is truly holy, divine, peaceful and undefiled. You need to repent of sin which has been contaminating your life; accept that Jesus Christ died so that the life of God can be yours; then, ask God to exchange your sinful life for His holy life. Only then can you begin to live for God, and be sure that when it is time to go home after your sojourn on earth is over, you will not be afraid, but will be confident to stand before God!

Let us pray!