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New Year's Resolution

At the commencement of every year, companies and organizations engage in an assessment of their activities in the previous year, and plan for the challenges and opportunities they project will present themselves in the New Year. In going about this task, extensive studies and research are undertaken. The findings or results of these studies and research are analysed, interpreted, and projections made therefrom. On the basis of all these, these companies and organizations arrive at how and where they want to position themselves in a highly competitive market in the New Year.

Similarly, individuals who are serious minded about life engage in personal assessments of their lives in the previous year, with a view to seeing where they did not perform as they should. Following such personal appraisals, in some cases, New Years resolutions are made with resolve and determination.

The effort by companies, organizations, and individuals to plan and prepare for the New Year is something that is common to all men. In some cases, these resolutions or action plans as some may call them, are very formal and are documented on paper. But for individuals, such resolutions are very informal, because, many are never really written down. They are nonetheless considered something that should be pursued as best as possible. With all the effort put into resolutions, which in some instances, may even include punitive measures, for failing to follow through by the individual, resolutions unfortunately have a life span a few days, or a few weeks, or at best, a few months!

Resolutions range from desires for personal achievement to improvement on moral issues. In many cases, resolutions that seek after personal achievement in one endeavour or another are usually pursued with vigour, and sometimes the goals are achieved to as close as possible to 100% of what was resolved. However, when the resolution borders on moral issues, there are difficulties and challenges, which make their pursuit at best a dream. But why is this so?

No matter how bad an individual may be, within him, indeed within every human being, is a desire to be good. In seeking to fulfil this desire to be a good person, we would usually look to areas of morality where we are deficient, and resolve to make changes for the better. For example, an individual who finds himself engaged in heavy bouts of alcohol-drinking could desire to stop drinking altogether in the New Year. Hence, his resolution would be to henceforth drink only soft drinks (sodas) like, cola drinks, orange drinks, and so on. However, after a few days or weeks of abstinence, this person may soon find himself at the mercy of alcohol, and is unable to follow through with his resolution to stop drinking. Another example would be an individual who makes up his or her mind to say good bye to singlehood, and so resolves to get married in the New Year. To achieve this, such an individual may make a resolution to stop dating numerous partners but go steady with only one person whom he or she intends to marry. In an attempt to keep this resolution, he or she may find that it is an uphill task because the numerous partners theyve had in the past are unwilling to let go! Before long, the resolution is abandoned, and life goes on as before. In some other cases, the individual who wants to quit singlehood may think it monotonous to have to live with one person for the rest of his life, and before long, he or she is reconsidering the resolution made at the beginning of the year. As a result of this perennial situation, there are now many people who are advancing in age and are unable to settle down to married life.

Again we ask; Why is it so difficult to follow through on resolutions that border on moral issues, even when they mean so much to us? The answer to this question is more spiritual than physical or emotional. This spiritual angle to morality is responsible for resolutions on moral issues not being easily attained, if they are at all started.

Every human being born on earth has a moral deficiency. No matter how well brought up an individual may be, there is always an aspect of life in which he or she is morally deficient. This deficiency makes it impossible for anyone to be morally upright without help from God who created man. For example, no one goes to a special school to be taught how to tell lies it comes naturally to every human being! This is just one moral deficiency that we are born with. If you looked your life over, you would find that there are moral issues that you are probably struggling with.

These struggles constitute a major reason why many people always look to a New Year as an opportunity to get back on the right track after they missed the opportunity to follow through with their resolutions the previous year. This New Year can be different for you provided you can take the decision to look inward for a solution rather than outward. We are emphasizing an inward assessment of yourself because the moral issues you need to deal with in your life originate from within you, rather than from outside of you. Many people attribute their personal failings to external influences, but this is not true! The truth is that no one can make you do what you do not want to do! So, as you look inward, assessing your condition, you would come to realize that as much as you really want positive changes in your life, you are unable to follow through with the lifestyle that will take you there. This realization is the best thing that can happen to any man. This is because rather than throw up your hands in the air in exasperation and say, I give up, you should become challenged from within you to embrace once and for all, a lasting solution to this perennial problem. And this solution lies in looking up to God, our Maker!

God has made a provision whereby any man, who wants a change in his life in any area, particularly, on moral issues, can actually experience that change in tangible ways without human effort! Gods provision for dealing with your moral failings begins to take effect from the moment you admit to yourself and God that you are not morally upright! This should then lead you to ask Him to help you to become morally upright. As a result of this brief but heartfelt prayer, God informs you of the Person of Jesus Christ, His Son, whom He has given to you to make you morally upright. And when you accept that the Son of God can make you to be morally upright, a change will take place in your life. It is as simple as that! No New Years resolutions are needed. Just go to God in prayer, and invite Jesus Christ into your life. He will help you to make the necessary changes that will produce a morally upright lifestyle!

After your life has been changed by God, you need to continue to live morally upright. To be able to achieve this, you need to become a member of the family of God through Jesus Christ, by being a part of the church of God, which can be a fellowship or a small gathering of a group of people. What is important is that the fellowship or small group is made up of people who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and who depend on the Holy Spirit to help them live morally upright.

You may be saying, But I have already done these things, and I am still unable to live morally upright. The question I have for you then is, How truthful were you when you asked Jesus Christ to come into your life, and change you? For if you were not truthful, God knows, and will not accede to your request. However, if you are prepared this minute to truthfully ask Jesus Christ into your life, God is willing and able to make the necessary change that is needed in your life.

If you are now ready to ask God for His help in addressing your moral deficiencies, let me lead you through a prayer that would assist you: Dear God, my Maker, I have made an assessment of my life today, and admit that I am far from being morally upright. I want a change in every area of moral failure in my life; and plead with you to come and help me, even now. I have been told that You have made a provision through Your Son, Jesus Christ to help me through. I now ask for this provision, and submit myself to Your workings in my life. This is my prayer, through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Amen.

Let me now pray for you!