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The Boy Who Wanted to go to Enugu

There was a boy who wanted to go to Enugu. Not having enough money for the trip, he decided to go to the motor park (the bus station) to beg for a free ride.

On talking to the bus driver, he was told he couldnt get a free ride, but could work to earn enough money to pay for his trip, if he would call passengers into the bus. The boy agreed, and began calling passengers to fill the bus to enugu. Once the bus was filled with passengers, he got paid.

In the meantime, he slept in the motor park. Soon enough, he was proficient at calling passengers and became the darling of the motor park. He earned quite a bit of money every day, and was able to sustain himself. His popularity endeared him to many; and he sometimes got to buy meals on credit, and even for free on some occasions.

Soon though, he had enough money to travel to enugu. However, with his income and the perks he was enjoying in the motor park he was no longer interested in going to enugu. He had now settled down to the motor park life!

You see, his reason for wanting to go to enugu in the first place was to find the good life. Now, he believed, he had just that, right there in the motor park. Unfortunately, he didnt know a better life was awaiting him in enugu. He ended up as a motor park tout; sleeping in the motor park, having just enough to eke out a living, doing whatever he liked, living an unruly and misguided life, and, being accountable to no one.

Enugu in Ibo means on the hilltop, and the bible says in Psalm 24:3, Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?. Enugu in our story is thus the place where God is, i.e., Heaven; not the coal city in south-eastern Nigeria! The boy in the story represents you and I; and the motor park, the world and its system of operation.

Just as the boy started out wanting to go to enugu to obtain the good life, so we seek for a good life in the mountain of God. The bible says in Psalm 16:11 (paraphrased), In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy, and at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore. However, when the boy experienced what seemed like the good life, not having an understanding of what the good life really consists of, he is blind-sided, and distracted from the pursuit of an eternal purpose and vision.

Many have a wrong notion of what the good life really is. And since they dont really know what they are looking for, when they find something that looks better than where they presently are, they settle there. You see, the boy in our story like many of us, did not know what he was really looking for. All he wanted was something different and better than his present state.

Many people sadly start out seeking the good life, which they dont really know; and end up with a very bad copy of what they were seeking. The good life is not having possessions, position, power, privileges, or prestige. The good life is living to please God; and is characterised by a correct sense of right and wrong; an inner state of calm in spite of the turbulence all around; and a gladness of heart that does not depend on what you own.

The world tells us that owning all that you want will give you peace and joy. But there are people who own so much, and yet have little or no peace or joy. They look outwardly relaxed, but in reality, there is turbulence on the inside, and all manner of fears in operation. They seek to project to the outside world, an image of what they are not. These people cry in their bedrooms, but when they are outside, they force into existence, a plastic smile to prevent people from knowing what is really going on within them.

The worlds sense of right and wrong is that, power is right, and weakness is wrong. Those who preach peace and equality foment wars, and practice and defend inequality. The rich want to get richer and keep their riches; while giving pittance to the less privileged just to assuage their consciences.

There is however, an authentic good life, which cannot be obtained within the context of this world system. It comes from God and is released unto those who truly seek Him. Now, there are those who claim to seek God, but they have no desire to live righteously.

For instance, the young woman who wants a husband does not turn to God. She sees nothing wrong with dressing seductively to attract the man she wants; neither does she think it is wrong to have sex with the man she wants if it will make him marry her. She runs hard after the man of her dreams in her own way; and ends up with a nightmare for a marriage. She did not want to listen to the voice of God; but chose the motor park life.

The young man believes that poverty is a curse, and devotes himself to the pursuit of prosperity. In his pursuit, he falsifies figures, forges academic certificates, and makes false claims in his CV (resume). He sees absolutely nothing wrong in seeking to be married to the daughter of a wealthy man for the sole purpose of being prosperous. He is on the lookout for churches advertising prosperity programmes. This man has settled in the motor park, and has no vision of enugu.

Then, there is the preacher who started well, calling many to Christ. And as he was calling people to God, he was being taken care of by God. However, he soon settled to the life of the world, enjoying the perks that the world offers, and has lost interest in heaven (without even knowing it!).

Just look at the way church leaders and church goers alike are living, and you will see that heaven is far from our minds. Listen to the messages coming out of many of our churches, and youll see how much of the world is in the church. How many preach against sin? How many tell you to mend your ways? How many prepare you for the eventuality of death? How many tell you that life is more than having possessions? How many encourage you to pray to God on your own? How many discourage you from paying prayer warriors to pray for you? How many tell you to hold on to God no matter what? How many tell you that the riches of God are not money and possessions? How many prepare you for heaven, or the fact that even now, as this broadcast is being relayed, you just may drop dead?

I rest my case!

The motor park boy did not start out wanting to live as a motor park boy. He allowed the life of the motor park to blind-side him. He lost the vision of enugu, and was distracted by the happenings in the motor park. He equated the perks he was receiving in the motor park with the kind of life he could have received in enugu. He was soooo wrong!

Are you born again, and somehow, heaven is becoming unreal? Have you abandoned the vision of heaven and prefer the life here on earth? Have you engaged yourself in the pursuit of earthly things? Do you equate earthly wealth with heavenly substance? Think again! The bible says that the earth will be destroyed by fire.

The pursuit that you engage in is a good indicator of where you will spend eternity: either with God in His mountain or with the devil in the motor park of hell.

Is your pursuit growing your church or ministry? Is your pursuit the applause and honour of men? Is your pursuit making your ministry the greatest and most renowned in the world? Is your pursuit your career? Are you living for your children? Are you living for yourself? If you answered Yes to all these questions, you now know where you have been preparing to spend eternity! The bible says (paraphrased), Where a mans treasure is, there his heart will be also

The good news though, is that all that can change even this instant, if you would turn to God and begin to build a relationship with Him.

Let me leave you with this riddle: A man told everyone who cared to listen that he was going to retire in the village, but all his investments were in the city, and he never had a plan to build anything in the village. Where will he retire: the village or the city?

Let us pray