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Where the Grass is Greener

The expression, where the grass is green talks about the location where ones desire for satisfaction and fulfillment can be abundantly met. It is human nature to desire the best location for oneself, where ones desires would be met; whether it be jobs, business ventures, schools, ideas, friendship, prosperous nations to emigrate to, religious affiliations or denominations, etc.

In this quest for where the grass is green, there is a somewhat similarity between sheep and humans. Sheep love green pastures (where the grass is green, full, and fresh). Unlike sheep, however, some human beings forage; that is, they go out on their own to search every nook and cranny for something to eat; while some others scavenge; that is, pick anything they can find in trash bins, as well as rejects, to consume. The people who do these things do so believing that they must fend for, and depend on themselves for everything. Some even say, Heaven helps those who help themselves! In other words, if you dont help yourself, heaven will not help you! Though this saying has gained much popularity, it is nonetheless not a statement of truth! If anything, heaven wants to help those who admit that they need heavens help!

This is where sheep are different from some human beings. Sheep neither forage, nor scavenge. These are activities engaged in by goats, pigs, vultures, rats, and other rodents. Instead, sheep always depend on the shepherd to take them to green pastures.

Some human beings are like sheep in this regard. One of such was a king in ancient Israel and a psalmist, David, who put himself in the place of a sheep, and placed God, as his Shepherd, when he said; The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, He makes me to lie down in green pastures (Psalm 23:1-2). This popular Psalm speaks of the sheeps trust in the shepherd and as a result, its absolute dependence on him for sustenance. This was Davids testimony, a world leader of repute in his day having to depend on God for everything! Can you imagine any world leader today having to depend on God to run his government and then go about broadcasting it to all and sundry? This will be considered highly unbecoming. But this is what heaven wants!

It is said that to be wise, you can either walk with wise men, or learn from the mistakes of fools. There is a lesson that we can learn from of an incident that is recorded in the bible. There was a man named Lot whose herdsmen had a disagreement with the herdsmen of his uncle, Abraham. To resolve the matter, his uncle decided that a separation was necessary; so he gave his nephew, Lot, the right of first choice. Lot looked around and saw the well-watered land of Sodom and Gomorrah; or, at least, so he thought, and, in his limited understanding of things, he relocated there. But there was a significant problem: Lot did not know that Gods judgment was hanging over those cities because of the moral decadence of the inhabitants. There was no way Lot could have imagined that such a well-watered land was under Gods imminent judgment. First, the cities were conquered in battle, and, its inhabitants, including Lot, were taken into captivity (Genesis 14:1-12)! Later, when these cities were destroyed by God, what followed were the loss of Lots wife, and the horror of the incestuous action of his daughters in giving birth to children by him (Genesis 18:16-21; 19:1-38).

So, with one decision to relocate to a seemingly well-watered land, Lot set the tone for the miserable future of his entire lineage.

There are many people who, like Lot, have taken decisions based on limited information and projections that have no bearing on the real future. All they saw were beautiful vistas of the future in their limited knowledge, and have ended up in bitter regret afterwards. There are marriages that shouldnt have been entered into in the first place; business partnerships that shouldnt have been made; job offers that should have been turned down; business propositions that shouldnt have been considered; and even visits to herbalists and spiritist churches that should never have been made. Unfortunately, these were consummated with high hopes, but sadly today, many are suffering irreparable damage, and singing the proverbial had I known song.

The Big question is: Is all lost for you, if you have made such mistakes? The answer is, No! If you would hand over your life to God today, He is willing and able to right every wrong in your past, and set you on the right path, provided you are willing to follow Him for the rest of your life.

There may be some of you out there who have not made these mistakes, but are now at crossroads of decision-making: Where should I live? What should I be doing? Who should I partner with in business? Who should I marry? Should I relocate to a foreign country? Which religion should I follow? These are not casual decisions to be made and what better time than now, to receive wise and godly counsel? There are lessons that we can learn from the sheep, king David (the Psalmist), and even Lot.

Like the sheep and the king, we must admit that we need a Shepherd; Who is God. This is always a very good place to start because we have limited knowledge of the future. So limited is mans ability to predict events that he is unable to predict with certainty what will happen within the next five minutes! This is one reason why every man needs to go to God, Whose knowledge is vast, perfect, and flawless. God knows about events long before they happen. Indeed, he goes out ahead of those who accept Him as their Shepherd to search out the perfect place where the grass is green (Deuteronomy 1:33).

Again, like sheep and the king, you must trust the Shepherd; for if you dont trust God, you cannot accept His decision without question. So, why should you trust God? For one, He is the One who created you. Secondly, He loves you with a love that man cannot comprehend. Thirdly, He is concerned for your wellbeing and would want to bring you to that green pasture, but only if you will let Him! Finally, He has a plan for your life, for He created you for a purpose, and if you would just trust Him (like the sheep does the shepherd), all will go well with you.

Unlike Lot who thought that what he was seeing physically was all there was to the issue of relocation, we must not be deceived into thinking that all that glitters is gold! The journey to green pastures may, in fact, be mountainous, rocky, and sometimes dotted with treacherous landscapes, but these are just obstacles and challenges on the way to the green pasture, not the green pasture! Some have gone through such terrain in the affairs of life, and have lost hope and given up on life, just when they are at the brink of entering the green pasture! But if you follow the leading of God, Who is the Good Shepherd, you will not suffer damage or be lost in the journey to green pastures.

To succeed in any endeavor with God, you must be completely obedient to Him. Note that God loves you absolutely, and cannot bring you to a place of irreparable hurt. He has perfect knowledge about time and space; and has plans for you that no man can begin to comprehend (Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Corinthians 2:9). This is why it is only proper that you rely on Him absolutely and obey His every instruction. God does not make suggestions; He gives His children instructions that are to be obeyed, if they are to be blessed by Him. It is, therefore, always in your interest to obey Gods word.

The grass is always green where God leads; be it in a foreign country or in a remote village. He is willing to lead as many as are willing to be led by Him. The question is: Are you willing to be led by God? Or put differently, Which would you rather be a sheep or a goat? You see, while sheep patiently wait for their shepherd to lead them to green pastures, goats do not have that patience; and end up foraging and scavenging. Those individuals who have handed over the care of their lives to God through Jesus Christ, can therefore be likened to sheep. They are not necessarily those who are religious or who attend church; rather, they are those who trust God alone for everything about their lives: their salvation, their sustenance, and their security, to mention a few! Individuals likened to sheep do not seek to use God to achieve their selfish purposes (that is what goats do) rather, they love the Good Shepherd so dearly that they obey Him in all things!

If you examine yourself and discover that you may not be in the fold of sheep (even though you may be attending church regularly), now is a very good time to make a commitment to hand over your life to God. This requires that you recognize and admit to God that you are a sinner with a sinful nature; and then, you need to genuinely repent of your past sins through confession, and accept Gods forgiveness and provision of Jesus Christ, His Son, as your Lord and Saviour. This then marks the true beginning of a new relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, Who has always been waiting and wanting to lead you to the place where the grass is truly always green!

Let us pray!