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What is Truth?

In the days when the Romans ruled the world, a person who was accused of a crime that could lead to a death sentence, was subjected to a procedure of questioning or interrogation in the Judgment Hall, which was a place where the Roman Governor adjudicated matters. The questioning or cross-examination would arise from accusations brought forward by the accusers; after which, the Roman Governor would decide on the sentence that was to follow.

This was the setting in Jerusalem around A.D. 29, when a man, Jesus of Nazareth, was accused and led into the Judgment Hall of Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea. The accusation was that Jesus claimed to be the the King of the Jews. This was sedition by Roman law as only the Roman Emperor, could confer kingship on a person.

So, Pontius Pilate, questioning Jesus about the allegation, asked: Are you King of the Jews? After some back and forth with regard to the source of this accusation, Jesus answered, I am not an earthly king. If I were, my servants would have fought against those who came to arrest me. No, my kingdom is not of this world. Pilate, seeing a possibility that the accusation may be true after all, said, Then, it is as they say, you are a king? And Jesus answered, You are correct in saying that I am a king. For that is the reason I was born; to declare the truth to the world. And all those who love and belong to truth, hear and hearken to my voice. At this, the Roman governor, walking outside the Judgment Hall to tell the accusers of Jesus that he finds no fault in him; asked rather uninterestingly; What is truth?

Even though Pontius Pilate did not get an answer to his question; what is truth?, it nonetheless begs for an answer. It is possible that Pilate did not receive an answer to this important question, because he probably was not expecting one; or, he was only asking mockingly or sarcastically. Then, there is the fact that he was already walking away from the One Person who could have given him the correct answer!

Over the Centuries, men have been unable to deal with the question, What is truth? The answer to the question of what truth is may not have been forth coming, because, like Pontius Pilate, people are really not interested in the answer; or they may just be fooling around when they ask the question; or, it could be that they are mocking, or, that they have no one to give them the right answer. It is also possible that they just dont have the patience to wait for the answer; or like they say, People are unable to handle the truth! When truth comes, it exposes lies, falsehood, and deception; and so, many would rather avoid truth completely. But today, you will get the answer to this all-important question, What is truth?

First, truth is saying something as it is. It is calling white, white, and black, black! It is not variable, but fixed. Truth therefore, does not change. Truth is the opposite of lies or falsehood. You may paint over something to make it look like what it is not, but in the end, it will be seen for what it truly is. Truth is truth, and never changes. Time, culture, religion, and science cannot change truth. Scientists are the first to admit that science is not exact, and so, it is subject to change. For example there was a time when an atom was defined as the smallest indivisible particle in the world. Some years after that definition, the atom was split; proving that the earlier definition was not truth.

Second, truth cannot be hid; neither can it be locked up. No matter how much you try to hide truth, it can never successfully be hidden. Someone said, You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. and this is because, truth will always expose the ploy to fool people. Someday, somehow, somewhere, truth will be revealed. Over the Centuries men have tried to lock up truth, but have failed. Nations, and especially, dictators have tried to suppress truth, but they have failed. This is wonderful news, because even if someone has been hiding the truth from you for a long time, one day truth will be revealed, and very soon too!

Third, truth is always victorious. No matter how long you suppress truth with lies and falsehood, truth always triumphs. Some have lied, others have injected falsehood into history, and some others have even made claims to certain discoveries which have always been in existence; but in the end, truth always prevailed, and these people were found out to be untrue.

Fourth, truth saves and delivers. When you love truth, you will be rescued from people who try to malign you with lies. It may take some time, but in the end, truth will prevail and you will be delivered from whatever false accusations and sentence you may have received, with adequate compensation.

Fifth, truth is liberating. Because truth cannot be kept under lock and key or hidden, those who search for truth can never be in bondage for long. Truth liberates all those who seek and find it; and all those who seek truth, always find truth! The bible says, you shall know the truth, and you shall be set free. (John 8:32). If you are seeking for truth and you do so with an open and sincere heart, you will no doubt find it. And even if you are imprisoned because you told the truth, you will be free though in prison; but those who put you there will be in the prison of fear of being found out to have acted against truth.

There are people who will not know the truth even if it walked up to them and smacked them right in the face. Jesus is the Truth (John 14:6)! And even as Pontius Pilate missed Him, though he was standing just a few feet from Him, there are many people today who have missed Jesus, though they have heard Him speak to them directly from their hearts! Are you perhaps one of them? No? Well, have you seen stickers that say, Jesus is the answer! Jesus is the Way! Jesus saves!? Or have you at any time heard the famous quote, For God so loved the world, He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.? Then, my dear friend, you have seen and heard the truth! Jesus Christ is Truth, and yes, His kingdom is not of this world!

These statements and quote have not changed and will not changenot in a billion years! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8). He never changes, and will never change. You can count on Him; and you can trust Him with your life. He remains the answer to the worlds problems; the way to eternal salvation; and He is salvation. He is the Liberator and Deliverer of mankind. All who come to Him are instantly set free from the things that had held them bound. Some have tried to cover Him up, lock Him up, dismiss Him as a nonentity, but have failed. Others have tried to silence His words, by refusing the reading and distribution of bibles, and the preaching of the gospel in His name, and have also failed. He remains the only One in the whole wide world who speaks truth through His word in spite of dead threats to His ministers. Nothing can compare to the true freedom that a man enjoys when his life is translated into the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Are you in captivity to drugs, shameful sexual conducts, stifling religious doctrines, the occult, witchcraft, greed, corruption, and the elements of this world? Come to Jesus, and He will set you free! Had Pontius Pilate known that the One he eventually sentenced to death is the Truth, his life would have taken a different turn; and he would have lived eternally in the kingdom of God! But there was a thief who was executed along with Jesus, who got what Pilate did not get. This thief was hung to the right hand side of Jesus on the execution ground, and as he made his confessions and requested that Jesus admit him into paradise; his prayers were answered, right there on the execution ground!

When three days after His execution, Jesus rose from death, He proved that Truth cannot be killed nor destroyed! Likewise, all those who hold on to truth cannot be destroyed, but shall live for evermore in the kingdom of God and His Son, Jesus Christ!

Turn to Truth and begin to live in true freedom in Gods kingdom. You dont have to be like those who hide from truth, and camouflage their disappointments, pain, anxiety, failures, etc., saying, Nothing spoil! Friend, everything spoils if Jesus is not in your life! If you truly want nothing to spoil, and be free from all that has held you bound, you must begin now to fall in love with truth. Going to church does not make you a lover of truth; neither does it make you a free person. What counts is whether you are free on the inside; not what you appear to be to people (that is falsehood and deception). It is time to put away all lies, lying, deception, camouflage, and falsehood from your life. Confess and renounce them, and come to Jesus Christ, empty and He will fill your heart with truth. Take a few seconds now and make your confession to God; invite Jesus Christ, the Truth, into your life, and begin to enjoy true freedom and Gods kingdom from today.

Let us pray!