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The Extent of God's Love

The story is told of a man who came home one day, and met his wife sobbing. He asked her what the matter was, but instead of getting a reply, his wife moved from sobbing to loud wailing. This went on for days, such that the man would come home and meet his wife sobbing, but when he asked her what the matter was, she bursted out in loud wails. After several days of trying without success to get his wife to tell him what was her problem, the man decided to turn to their friends to intervene. Finally, with some petting, the woman opened up to the friends, telling them that although her husband gave her gifts, he had not told her that he loved her since the day he said it at the altar years ago!

There is also the story of a man who gave his wife all she could ever desire, but was never there for her. This woman was all alone, and could never get to be with her husband. When asked why, the husband said that he was working hard to keep his wife comfortable; but this woman was not interested in the gifts, if her husband wasnt going to be available to spend time with her.

The truth is, no matter how many times a man says to his wife, I love you, she is always eager to hear those same words over and over again. In fact for most women, the more times they hear these words in a day, the better they feel. This notwithstanding, the wife is at a loss if after many repeated sayings of I love you nothing follows to show the extent of that love. Furthermore, no woman is interested in the gifts she is showered with if the giver is not available to her.

That said, the extent of your love for a person is usually manifested by a combination of the words of love you say to the person, gift (s) you give to that individual, and your presence when the individual wants you. Hence, it is one thing to say I love you, it is quite another thing to give a gift which shows the extent of that love, and it is a completely different thing to be available to your spouse when she needs you.

God, the Creator of the Universe did not create an empty planet, but populated it with man, and made the man He created the object of His love and affection. Many times He tells man of His love for him, but man, in his fallen state wonders what the magnitude of this love is. Given the level of decadence and evil in the world, Fallen man asks, How can this God love the world? But God showed the magnitude of His love by giving His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ as a gift to mankind. This is a special kind of gift because the penalty for sin is what the gift seeks to redress. Not only that, God also made sure that His presence will always be here with man, by sending His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to be with man.

When man sinned in the Garden of Eden, he lost the basis for a loving relationship with God, which he had hitherto enjoyed. In order that this relationship be restored, the obstacle to the relationship (which is sin) had to be dealt with. In dealing with sin, an acceptable sacrifice needed to be made so that sin can be taken away. In Centuries past, God had instituted animal sacrifice as a way of dealing with the problem of sin, albeit, temporarily. These sacrifices had to be done annually, as they were never able to take away sin permanently; for all they did was to cover over sin, and thus eliminate the punishment for sin for that year. To deal decisively with the sin issue, therefore, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, in the fullness of time to come and pay the ultimate sacrifice for sin (one that would take sin away permanently), and thus restore the lost love-relationship between God and man on a permanent basis.

Thus, the extent of the love of God for man was demonstrated by what, or rather, Who He was willing to give up in order to accomplish the task of normalizing relationship with man. The word of God says, God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. (Romans 5:8; NLT). Imagine the love God showed when Jesus Christ, His Son went to the cross at Calvary to pay the ultimate price for sin through the shedding of His own blood for the sins of the world! It is rare for anyone to seek to die for a friend or even his wife; talk less of an enemy (for all sinners are enemies of God!). But though we were enemies of God, He nonetheless sent His One and Only Begotten Son to die for sinful man!

And though much was accomplished by the death of Jesus Christ, it remains for us for whom this was done to appropriate it into our lives. It is one thing to show how much you love a person by giving him a gift; it is another thing entirely for that individual to whom the gift is presented to, to accept it. Yes, God has shown us how much He loves us by sending Jesus Christ to be our ransom for sin, and thereby rescue us from the throes of eternal death. And by the way, eternity is not measured in numbers, no matter how long the digits may be, it is simply eternity or more appropriately, forever! This is what makes this gift precious, and worthy to be grasped by those to whom it is offered before it is too late.

The word of God says, whosoever believeth in him (Jesus Christ) should not perish, but have everlasting life. There is no special qualification that precludes or excludes anyone; rather, this statement includes everyone, such that even those who may think themselves unworthy are included. Those who may think themselves beyond such a gift are also included; and even those who think that such a gift is beneath them are equally included. This is the extent of Gods love: it cuts across racial lines, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, gender, age, economic or social status, and so on. All that is required of you is to believe that this gift of Christ is what brings you into eternal life through the forgiveness of sin, and a loving relationship with God. The word of God says, Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God (1 John 3:1; KJV). It is indeed a wonder to behold: that God would choose to refer to those who once were His enemies as His sons (in Gods language, all are sons, including females)!

If you believe, and are willing to accept Gods gift today, all you need do is speak to Him from the depth of your heart and say: Thank You Jesus for Your gift of love. I accept it with all of my heart. I ask forgiveness for all my sins, and repent of them. With You helping me, I will have no reason to go back to a life of sin. Thank You once again for the offer of salvation to me, and for making me one of Your sons. Thats it! You dont need to know how to operate a gift before you accept it. Once you receive it, you can then read the manual so as to be able to operate it. Likewise, you may not understand all the intricacies involved in being in a relationship with God through the gift of Jesus Christ, but after you have accepted this gift, you need the operational manual (the bible), as well as a place where you can learn more about God and His love for you (a bible-teaching church).

So get a bible and seek a bible-teaching church to attend. Begin to read the bible, pray, and start attending church regularly, and the LORD God will bless and guide you indeed!

Let us pray!