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In Search of a Meaning

Everyone on earth is searching for a meaning. People focus on something or some things which they believe will give them a meaning in life and then pursue it with all vigour and tenacity. They hold on to the view that if the things they are seeking become theirs, their lives would have a meaning. This is a view that all human beings hold. What may differ is the aspect of life that each man believes will give him a meaning in life.

People have wondered, and still do wonder, what life really means. They take a long hard look at themselves in their quiet moments and ponder their many decisions. In their search for a meaning, men and women have taken certain decisions, which they wondered if the result was worth the effort after all.

A meaning in life is what gives relevance and significance in anyones life. It is displayed in the satisfaction and fulfillment a person derives from having done or engaged in certain pursuits . For instance, some people believe that if they could take certain courses in school, they would be better positioned upon graduation, to be gainfully employed in certain industries, which could take them right to the top of their chosen field of endeavour; at which point they would obtain the satisfaction and fulfillment, or meaning in life that everyone so desires. But time has proven that when such individuals get to the end of their careers, they often wonder what it was really all about, for they never truly derived the fulfillment they had hoped to gain. Some others believe that if only they can secure a plum political appointment, their lives would have a meaning. Then, they secure the plum political appointment, and still wonder if it was worth all the effort, energy, groveling, sharp practices, etc., because the political appointment does not give them any real satisfaction; they are still searching for a meaning! Some others still, believe that life will have a meaning when everybody else is under their control and so we see political manipulations and eliminations, just so that some people can occupy positions of leadership. These people get there, and realize sadly, that the satisfaction from holding a political office is transient; it never really lasts. If we were to ask all those who have tasted those things which they had thought would give them a meaning in life, we would discover, much to our surprise that all without exception (including, Socrates, Aristotle, Cicero, Nebuchadnezzar, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, etc.), will tell us Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! What a conclusion!

Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! are the exact words of a man, renowned as the wisest and richest man ever to live. His name is Solomon, the son of David, King of Israel. Solomon was a man who became king of Israel, after his father died. One day, God met with him, and asked him what he wanted, and he told God that he wanted wisdom with which to rule Gods people well; and God gave him what he asked for. In addition, God also gave him great wealth, so that he became the wealthiest man on earth, lacking nothing. For some reason, king Solomon, not being content decided to use, or is it misuse, the wisdom and wealth God gave him to search for a meaning (satisfaction) in things other than God.

By his own admission, king Solomon tried wine to the fullest, and never got the satisfaction he desired. Then he tried women, acquiring 1,000 of them; 700 as wives and 300 as concubines, and still didnt get the satisfaction he craved. Then he began to investigate the happenings in the earth, and discovered that people store up wealth for themselves, but die even before they get a chance to enjoy it; only to leave it for their children and relatives who squander or waste such wealth away. He discovered that feasting does not make men face the truth about life; so he advises that it is better to attend funerals because it will sober us up. He also discovered that as the poor man dies, so also the rich man dies; and that death makes no distinction between the poor and the rich. He further discovered that an inheritance without wisdom will be wasted. Indeed, King Solomon made several discoveries too numerous to mention here. At the end of his investigation and probing into life, he reached an interesting conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyones duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (NLT)

Friend, are you searching for meaning in life? Fear God and obey His commands! Are you unable to derive satisfaction from all that you are doing? Fear God and obey His commands! Are you unfulfilled, no matter how high you have become in society? Fear God and obey His commands! Have you been delving into, experimenting with, and even becoming addicted to drugs, sex, the occult, elimination of your rivals, etc.? Fear God and obey His commands!

You see, at the end of it all, only one thing really brings meaning into a persons life, and that is having God in your life! This was Solomons discovery; so also was it the discovery of many great philosophers, except that they could not articulate or understand the situation as Solomon did. The best the philosophers could come up with was that there is a force greater than man; to which man must be drawn, if he must indeed be the best that he can be. This fact has given rise to all manner of religions, Orders and cults that seek that ultimate satisfaction for man. Unfortunately, they missed it, because, what these philosophers could not articulate, Solomon did articulate, because God was with him! So is every man who opens himself to Godhe will receive wisdom to understand what others cannot.

You may have everything you wish for; you may become anything you want to be; you may even lack nothing in material terms; but dear friend, if God is not in your life, all is vanity! All is meaningless!

You need to have God in your life. This is not so that you can control God; rather, it is so that God can take control of your life, and remove all the negative influences and affections in you that have been leading you in the wrong direction. To have God in your life, you first need to acknowledge that you have reached the end of your rope, and really know that you need Him, and that without God your life is meaningless. Then, ask God for forgiveness for your sins, (part of which is thinking that you can live without Him), and all the other sinful acts you have engaged in, no matter how sordid and depraved these may be. And finally, ask God into your life, through Jesus Christ, Gods only begotten Son, Who is The Way to God!

Once this is done, your life will begin to take on a new meaning and you will ultimately come to a similar conclusion as Solomon came to: all is vanity without God, so fear God and obey all His commands!

We are not just advocating church attendance, but a meaningful relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, just like you would relate with a friend whom you love dearly. True, the church is a place where you get to seek, and meet with God; but our experience today is that we have in churches, people who are neither seeking nor meeting with God. Rather, there are quite a number of people in churches who are blessing-seekers, husband-seekers, wife-seekers, children-seekers, job-seekers, contract-seekers, deliverance-seekers, miracle-seekers, political nomination and appointment seekers, and so on. But, dear friend, all is vanity! For God himself says, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (blessing, husband, wife, children, jobs, contracts, deliverance, miracles, political nomination and appointment) shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

Let us pray!