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Dad's Returning Home

Dad had sent mom a mail telling her that he was on his way home from his business trip abroad. It had indeed been a long absence from home. Mom was obviously excited about this mail, for her face suddenly lit up as she read the mail to herself, and even as she re-read it in our hearing.

We, the children, were thrilled in no small measure, either. We knew that dad would be coming home with lots of gifts for us, and we all just gathered round discussing the kinds of gifts he would be bringing for each one of us. We even began to remind each other to be of good behaviour so that nothing would spoil dads mood on his arrival home.

Mom got us to begin cleaning the house; she also began preparations of dads special meals. The atmosphere at home had suddenly changed for the better! The unkind comments we used to say to each other ceased, and we were all at our best behaviour. And even though we did not know the actual date and time dad would be arriving, it really did not matter to us. No one even bothered to ask; in fact, not knowing actually when dad was going to return had heightened our expectancy and kept us excited about dads eventual return. Yes, we all were glad that daddy was finally returning home soon!

What a beautiful essay this story would make for a students class assignment! A teacher could very easily award top marks for such an essay. It captures the imagination of the listener, and makes one feel like belonging to such a family.

What a picture of an expectant family awaiting the return home of their long gone father! It wakes up everything about expectancy in our minds. Indeed, one could wish that this was his own family, either awaiting his arrival (where he is the father) or awaiting the arrival of their father (where they are children). What heightened expectation! It makes you wonder what would really have happened when the father finally arrived home. Oh! The kiss from his wife; the welcoming screams from the children; the jumping all over the father as he walks through the door; the jubilation as he doles out the gifts he brought home to his household. It is a beautiful picture indeed!

But this is more than just a class assignment, or a story that captures and arrests the imagination of the listener. It is in fact, a shadow, or a picture of a coming eventthat is, the return of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to the earth to meet His people (His household/members of His family). Just imagine the joy and jubilation among Gods people when their Lord returns for His own, and showers them with gifts as He has promised.

What a day that would be; when the One Who made man shall return to take out of this world, those who have acknowledged and accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour; those who have remained faithful and loyal to Him in spite of the hardship and struggles they have had to endure in the course of their waiting for His return! What a day that would be, when Jesus Christ comes as He promised His people and showers them with the gifts He kept for them!

Yes, the story of the child awaiting the return of her father from a long journey overseas mirrors the story that the believer in Christ should be telling all and sundry. It is a story that should get the believer in Christ excited, even though he may not know for sure the exact day and time when the Lords return will be. It is a story that, if told the way it should be told, should get people excited to want to be a part of the family of God; whose hope is very much alive, with heightened expectancy, to the point that others will almost beg to want to be a part of this all-time event.

I am reminded of the run up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and how people, corporations, and organizations all over the world got caught up in the frenzy. South African embassies abroad were buzzing with visa applications from those who wanted to travel to be part of the World Cup. Companies in and outside South Africa crowded their territorial landscapes with advertisements and billboards of the World Cup. And what a World Cup it was! The memory may still be there for some, but a new buzz is now onit is Brazil 2014 (the next FIFA World Cup). But here is an event (the return of Jesus Christ) which is a once and for all eventthe biggest event the world will ever see!

What a challenge the story of the child awaiting the return of her father is to the Christian, whose own dad, the Lord Jesus Christ, is being expected to return anytime soon. One cannot but wonder what has become of the Church of God. What has become of the Christian who ought to be expecting his Lords return from His business trip? (John 14:3). Isnt it interesting that we do not manifest such child-like expectation of the return of our Lord? We are not talking about His return any more; and when we do get round to talking about it, we do not show any enthusiasm about the subject. We are not warning one another about making dads return a beautiful one, with the necessary house cleaning and with expectation of receiving his gifts (Revelation 22:12).

What we are doing instead, is being finicky over how to live better here on earth and increase our worldly goods. We are in competition with one another and are seeking to outdo others in our chosen vocation. Eternity is the last thing on the mind of most people who say they are Christians. For many, being a Christian is about having a good time here on earth for as long as it can be stretched. Longevity is a major issue these days; for we need more time on earth to enjoy our worldly possessions. Death is not a welcome subject of discussion. It is something that is reserved for the funeral of those who have departed. We do not take it to heart that, had those who have departed talked about death, they may have been better prepared for it, when it struck. Meanwhile, death is the lot of all men, at least, until after the return of our Lord Jesus Christ; which should make our expectancy of His return the more heightened. Because, then we can say, our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? (1 Corinthians 15:54-55; NLT).

Friend, there is a coming event in the world. It is an event so awesome that in comparison to any world event, nay, all world events put together, it can only be imagined! It is the day when everything stops, and the One who made the heavens and the earth, will descend with the shout of an archangel, and all who have lived for Him while on earth will be caught up to meet Him in the air. Those who have died before the event, but who lived for God through Jesus Christ, will be the first to be raised up to meet their Lord in the air; and then those who are still alive will then be caught up in the air where they will meet with their Lord and Saviour. It is the kind of event that many have dreamt of for so many years.

And the good news is that the delay in this event not taking place now is a blessing in disguise. It is an opportunity being extended to as many as would want to be part of those either raised up from death or those caught up in the air to meet with Jesus at the time of this phenomenal event to sign up before it is too late. To be considered, you have to first acknowledge that God our Maker is holy, and cannot have anything to do with those still living in sin. As a result, you will have to ask God to forgive your sins, receive His forgiveness and the provision of Jesus Christ, His Son, to be your Lord and Saviour. That means that henceforth, God takes charge of your life and will begin to direct you on how to live in order to be ready for that great event, when Jesus Christ will return to remove all those who are His from this world.

By this broadcast, we are reminding everyone out there that Jesus is returning soon; Hallelujah! You ought to be preparing for His return! If He does not meet you while you are physically alive, you will be among the first to meet with Him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

And what a day that will be! Let us be ready for eternity and leave behind sin, its deceitfulness, and lusts. Make certain that your eternal future is secure today!

Let us pray!