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Barabbas: The Story of All Men

In the first Century AD, an event occurred which makes for a beautiful story of the wonderful gift of God to man.

It was the evening before the execution of some Roman prisoners when they led a man before the Roman Governor. In the course of interrogation as was the practice in those days, the Roman Governor found the man before him not guilty. However, the accusers of the man before the Roman Governor were bent on having him executed, so they stirred up a crowd to call for the execution of the man being accused.

Meanwhile, as the accusers were motivating the crowd to call for the execution of this man judged not guilty, one of the prisoners about to be executed, whose name was Barabbas, was in his dungeon cell thinking about how he got there. His mind raced back to the events that had occurred some years before. It was as the Roman Governor was approaching Jerusalem to assume his Governorship that Barabbas led some men to attack and assassinate the Roman Governor. His plan backfired, the Romans overpowered him and his gang, arrested, and sentenced him to death. Now with less than 24 hours to his execution by crucifixion, the Roman choice of an extremely painful means of execution; he sat waiting. It was all he could do.

About this time, he heard the crowd outside the Roman Governors palace shouting, Barabbas! Barabbas! It was his name they were calling. He was excited: they were calling for his release! But a few seconds later, his heart sank when he heard, Crucify him! Crucify him! He was baffled, and wondered what went wrong: how could they have switched so soon from calling for his release to calling for his execution in a matter of seconds? He wasnt to be at a loss for long though; because, soon, the Romans were at his dungeon.

As they stepped into his dungeon cell, another baffling thing occurred. The Roman officer who came into his cell read from a scroll, the Governors order for his release. He couldnt believe what he was hearing; the Romans were there to release him! He was beside himself with joy. It was the best news he had ever heard in all his life. He left the dungeon a free man.

As Barabbas walked out of the dungeon and into the open field surrounding the Roman prison, he looked up toward a hill far away, and saw three men on three crucifixes. Knowing that he would have been one of the three, he hurried to the hilltop where he learned from the gathered crowd that the man in the middle was Jesus of Nazareth. Then his joy took a sudden turn to gratitude, as he heard the full story of what had actually happened. He was told that shortly after the crowd had called for his release, the shout of Crucify him! Crucify him! which he had heard was for this man, Jesus. Then, it suddenly occurred to him that this Jesus, who had been declared not guilty by the Roman Governor, had taken his place on the execution ground. The non-guilty for the guilty!

Dear listener, Barabbas is the name that we all bear, by reason of the death sentence hanging on our heads! To all intent and purposes, Barabbas, which means, son of Abbas or son of the father, is a name that fits everyone without exception male and female; for we are all children of God, who have gone astray and away from Him by reason of sinful living. As Barabbas was released and Jesus crucified in his place; so have we been released, because of Jesus death. This is good news! You can be free from the hold of sin in your life if you turn to Jesus today. This means that you no longer have to do its bidding.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified in our place, to destroy the hold of Satan on us. This means that everything that is related to sin in the life of every human being regardless of your religion or creed has been paid for, and you have no business being a part of it anymore. This is good news!

This good news is for you, as well as for me. And just in case you have not heard this good news before, you are hearing it now. It is the kind of news that sets you free, and fills your heart with joy. This freedom is not a fable. The truth is that once a person accepts and believes this good news that his death sentence for sin has been taken on by Jesus Christ, he will be free from every satanic bondage, including but not limited to alcoholism, sexual perversions, prostitution, adultery, witchcraft, the occult, demonic oppression and slavery, etc.

It is important to note at this time, that it is not just a mere believing, but active believing which means a confession of your sin and a plea for forgiveness from God. This is the true evidence of genuine repentance of sin.

For many, this good news has not only been heard; but they have also appropriated its benefits, including salvation, deliverance, and restoration. Somehow, however, they have not come to the realisation that their freedom came at the price of the death of the Son of God. I wonder how much gratitude we have shown or are showing for this wonderful deed of the Almighty God towards us, His creation. It is amazing to see people crowded in churches praying only for cars, houses, money, marriage, children, promotion, to close business deals, and so on; but never really seeking to show gratitude to God for the salvation that has made it even possible for them to have the privilege to ask God for anything at all! What a shame and absurdity!

Today, I am addressing two groups of people. On the one hand, are those who have neither heard this good news, nor are yet to accept it; and, on the other hand, are those who have heard and accepted the good news, but have never really shown gratitude to God for His generosity in sending Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son to die for them.

For instance, if you were given a Cheque, you wouldnt wait until you got to the bank, before saying Thank you to the person who gave you the Cheque. Also, you would have begun to mentally spend the amount written on the Cheque even before getting to the bank; unless of course, you do not trust the giver of the Cheque. It is quite the same thing with the good news of the kingdom of God! You are to receive it as soon as you hear it, because, the news is coming from the Almighty God, Who cannot lie! Not only this, but you should also give thanks to God and to Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross for your sins.

Friends, today is the day for you to accept the good news, and to show gratitude to God; even this minute!

Let us pray.