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In Nigeria, certain words appear in our vocabulary, which we shall, for the sake of convenience, call buzz words. For example, there was a time when the buzz word in this country was Third Term. At that time everything that suggested a person overstaying his welcome was quickly coined a Third Term. So if you had a guest who was visiting for one week, and was now extending his stay beyond the one week, such a visitor was said to be seeking a Third Term.

We are now in a season where one such buzz word is common. It is a season which comes once in four years, and the buzz word is, yes, you guessed right, election. This buzz word, election, may not necessarily mean the same thing as it would in the Western world, but it nonetheless means a lot to the Nigerian people. The season of election is that time when certain things happen with wanton abandon; such as, money splashing, thuggery, police brutality, political assassinations, bribery of electoral officials, election rigging, vote fixing, declaration of winners whose names were never filed with the Electoral Commission, and so on. The atmosphere during election season is one in which the life expectancy of many people are cut short, the value of the Naira falls drastically against all major traded currencies , political opponents are targeted for official arrests, and so on. In Nigeria, we have given the word election a whole new meaning, which was never intended by those who coined the word.

The word election really means to choose one person through the ballot, from among a number of persons who offer themselves to the electorate (voters) as their representatives to fill a political office. The person who has the highest number of votes cast is usually the person regarded as having been duly elected by the electorate to represent them at some political level. Unfortunately, that is not what happens in Nigeria, where people are declared winners even when they were not voted into office by the electorate; and those who are so declared winners never consult the people they are supposed to be representing.

Not being an expert in politics, but a mere observer, there is very little I can say for the way these election matters are conducted in Nigeria. However, there is an election which beats any election anywhere in the world, and that is the focus of todays broadcast.

The election we want to talk about is one that is not conducted here on earth, but has remarkable ramifications for those living on earth. This election takes place in heaven and all those who are interested in being elected have a very good chance of being elected, because there is room for as many people as are willing to present themselves for election. In other words, if one million people present themselves for heavens election, all one million can be elected and declared duly elected by the Electoral Commission of Heaven. So, all a person needs to do is present himself for heavens election, and he is most likely to be elected, provided he meets certain requirements. Indeed, to be considered for heavens election, one requirement is that you dont have to be good enoughall that is required of you is that you in fact acknowledge that you are not good enough. Put another way, those who can present themselves for election by heavens Electorate, are people who are sinnersfornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves, armed robbers, bribe takers, forgers, corrupt politicians, corrupt policemen, murderers, hired assassins, herbalists, cultists, occultists, grand masters, and all those who feel that they are not good enough for heaven.

The reason why heaven is interested in people who are not good enough is because heaven wants to make them good. So, if a person says he is good, he is automatically disqualified from contesting in heavens election because, in reality, no one is good enough; and only heaven can make a person to be good enough for it. No man can enter into heaven until he has been made good by heaven. It does not matter how good you may consider yourself to be, if heaven has not touched you to make you good, you are not considered good by heaven. So then, the purpose of heavens election is to choose people that heaven can make good, who will then become representatives of heaven here on earth. And when the life of a heavens representative on earth is over, he is admitted into heaven with pomp and pageantry, having represented heaven well while here on earth.

Another interesting thing about heavens election process is that only Three Persons vote, and they all vote the same way. Once One of Them decides to elect a person, the others go along without question. They never disagree! The Three Persons who form heavens Electorate are: God the Father, God the Son, and, God the Holy Spirit. All that is required therefore for any person to be elected is that One of these Three elects you!

Of these Three, the One Whose recommendation is considered crucial, is God the Son, also known as Jesus Christ. He it is Who came down to the earth in the form of man to live with man. He suffered the punishment and death demanded by heavens Law on behalf of all mankind. Anyone He decides to elect among the sons of men therefore is considered duly elected, for the others will automatically go along with Him. This is one reason why today we urge you to consider befriending Jesus Christ, by making Him your Lord and Saviour, and you are guaranteed not only of heavens vote, but also, a place in heaven at the end of your life here on earth (hoping of course, that you would have been a worthy representative of heaven here on earth).

Remember, you dont have to be good enough. Indeed, what heaven expects you to do is to say to them that you acknowledge that you are a bad person, or a sinner (which all men are); but want to be elected by heaven and made good enough to be able to represent them here on earth. Your acknowledgment that you are a sinner must include a humble confession of all your sins, and, a declaration not to do those sinful things again. That done, you are set for heavens election! And one thing is sure, you will be elected!

Are you asking how you would know if you have been elected by heaven? The answer is, you will know that you have been elected when you begin to experience a joy and a peace in your heart that you cannot explain, and, you will be unable to knowingly do what is not right from heavens stand point. Friend, Heavens election is on; offer yourself for that election!

Let us pray!