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Becoming Right With God

I am sure that we have, at one time or another heard statements like: I dont care how you do it, just do it. or I really dont care how you go about it, just give me the results. Well, such statements may be common and even rampant in human society, but they nonetheless raise ethical and moral issues. For instance, it is a known fact that some banks have no qualms with their staffers prostituting their bodies in a bid to get deposits from some so-called high net-worth individuals. It is also a known fact that some people dont care how they get a degree; they are just interested in getting a degree. So, while the proper procedure for obtaining a degree is to study hard and pass prescribed examinations, some obtain degrees by paying for them, sleeping with the lecturers, or by forging degree certificates. Some people dont care how an election is conducted so long as they win; that is all that matters to them. These examples raise clear ethical issues, and also call to question, the moral values of those who engage in such things.

Now, there are those who care about how things are done. They believe that if the process or procedure is right, then the result will be right. Indeed, mathematics examiners are known to score their students more based on the procedure leading up to the answer, than just the answer alone. In a manner of speaking, these people dont believe in wuru-wuru to the answer.

When we act as we like, without concern for other people, we set in motion, things that make for disorder and confusion. Just imagine a situation where there are no qualms about how a person is elected into office? With the power attached to a political office, the result will be decisions being taken that adversely affect the populace, resulting in injury and even loss of life! What is the trade-off between holding a political office by hook, by crook, or by coup, and the loss of even one life? Can there possibly be a justification for the death of one human being or even injury to a person, as a result of the actions or inactions of another man? This is a moral question and it invariably leads us to the doorstep of the Ruler of the UniverseGod!

God cares about how things are done. As far as God is concerned, (and that should be the concern of all men), how a thing is done determines its eventual outcome. Hence, while some people may have no scruples about how you are making money, or how you obtained a degree, or how you got that plum job, or how you won an election; God does. For this reason, contributions to the work of God in whatever form, is unacceptable to God, if it is not lawfully obtained according to Gods standard. For instance, to give a gift to God which originated from a bribe, a fraudulent transaction, prostitution, and other similar modes, dont get heavens approval! Church leadership may not know about the source of such money or may conveniently turn a blind eye, though they know the evil source of the money; but God cannot be fooled! You see, God knows where all these so-called gifts come from, and cannot accept contributions from ungodly means, neither will he accept the person making such contributions. Also, an evil person, such as a murderer, a rapist, a fraudster, or a prostitute, who goes to church, while continuing in his evil ways, is regarded as an abomination to God. An abomination is something that is so detestable that it is inconceivable that the person who considers it as such would even want to be near such an abominable thing. It does not matter if that evil person is a judge, a mayor, a commissioner, a governor, a senator, a minister, or even a president! If he is an abomination, God cannot stand such a person in His presence. In fact, before God, an evil person is evilwhether he is of a high or low estate in life is irrelevant. So, when an evil person attends church thinking that his attendance will make things right before God, without him confessing his evil ways, he is greatly mistaken!

So many people have tried to win Gods favour by making contributions to religious work, or by attending religious meetings when they are in dire straits. In other words, they are saying, I really dont care how; I just want to get right with God. How a person gets right with God is very important to God. Going about it the wrong way makes it impossible to be acceptable to God. In fact, it makes the person seeking to be right with God the wrong way, an abomination to God! If a person comes to your home and proceeds to enter by the window, you know clearly that you are dealing with an unwelcome guest, such as an armed robber. In the same way, if you want God to accept your person, you have to obtain that approval by doing it His own way.

The good news is that it is possible for anyone, including an evil person to get right with God, no matter what horrible things he may have done. But it will not be by merely attending a religious meeting or giving gifts. Some people erroneously believe that by going to a religious place of worship regularly, or on some occasions, or as a government functionary, or as an invited guest for prayers to be made on their behalf; they will win acceptance with God. This is very far from the truth! It is one thing to attend a religious meeting; it is a completely different thing to be in that religious meeting for the purpose of worshipping God! Very many people come up with numerous ways of dealing with how to get right with God; but only God can truly tell us how a person can get right with Him!

Gods way of accepting men is through Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son. And this is how: Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind, when He was crucified on the cross some two thousand years ago at Calvary. So when a man admits his sins, and confesses that his sins have been taken away through Jesus death, he becomes acceptable to God, and can then pray and be heard by God!

It is as simple as that! Indeed, while salvation may be found through church worship/sermon, or even a message like the one you are hearing now, merely visiting a church or merely listening to this broadcast will not solve the problem of sin in your life. What solves the problem of sin is that you acknowledge that you are a sinner; believe what God has said about how to be made right with Him through Jesus Christ; confess your sins to God, and receive His forgiveness; then you are made right with Him!

You may be looking for a job, or want to get married to the right person or seek a political appointment, and so on; and you may have been told that if you attend a particular church program, you will get that job, get that right marriage partner, or get that political appointment, and so on. Well, what they may be trying to tell you, which they have not been able to articulate properly, is; deal with sin in your life, be made right with God, and the result will be a peaceful contented life. What they are not telling you however, is that getting right with God does not automatically translate into a job, marriage, political appointment, or many of those other things that you may have attended church to achieve. You may, in fact, not get that job you wish for, or be married to the person you want, or be given the political office you seek. But if you have God on your side, you will get the best that any man can hope for; and it will bring you peace and joy! A young man announced to his father that he had found God. But his father told him, Son, first, get a job; then, you can dabble into religion. But the young man said to his father: God says, Seek first My kingdom

Friend, it is not just attending church that brings the blessing that you desire, it is seeking God first that does that. God is more interested in your relationship with Him, than your putting up appearances in religious gatherings. He will take care of you, with or without that thing you wanted Him to do for you in the first place; and you will never have cause to regret your relationship with Him. Come to God through Jesus Christ today!

Let us pray!