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God's Offer of Rescue

A man walking in the forest one day fell into a very deep and wide pit. Inside the pit were all sorts of dangerous insects, beasts, and reptiles. But he also noticed that there were skeletal remains of people who never made it out of the pit. He remained in this pit for 72 hours, but lived to tell his story. While he was in the pit, he could not sleep for even a moment, for fear of being attacked. He gradually came to realize that these insects, beasts, and reptiles, while threatening to attack, do not actually do so until a person is either too weak to ward them off, or until that person falls asleep. Shortly after though, on the third day, a man passing by looked down into the pit and called out if he wanted to be helped out of the pit. The man in the pit said to himself, This man must be joking. Does he think I want to be here any longer than I have already been? He replied, Yes, of course, I need help, and I want to get out of this pit! So, the man lowered a rope down into the pit. At first the man in the pit wondered if this was another joke, because he felt that the insects, beasts, and reptiles would attack him once he had his hands on the rope and he was being pulled up. Well, again, he had little choice than to hold on to the rope and be pulled up. As he was being pulled up, he observed that even though the insects, beasts, and reptiles again seemed to threaten to attack, they stayed away from him. After making it out of the pit, he made up his mind not to take walks in the forest again, and to help in warning other ignorant people like he was, about pitfalls in the forest. He also decided that should anyone accidentally fall into the pit, he will be on hand to help in pulling them out, by talking them through the whole rescue process.

What a happy ending it was for this man, who lived to tell his story. But it was not so for the others, whose skeletal remains were in the pit. In fact, the man who was rescued from the pit later realized how close he had come to being skeletal remains, because his rescuer told him that he visited the pit every three days to see if there was anyone who would need to be rescued. His rescuer went on to tell him that the insects, beasts, and reptiles, will usually wait for no more than 75 hours before they begin to attack, because, by then, they are weary of waiting, and the victim would be too tired to ward off any more of their attacks. The man who had just being rescued from the pit then asked his rescuer why he had asked if he wanted to be rescued, instead of just throwing down the rope to him. His rescuer replied that on many occasions he had thrown down the rope, and yet the people in the pit felt that they could manage okay without his help. So now, he would always ask first, and then let down the rope when the person in the pit asked to be helped. With this information, the man who was rescued from the pit made up his mind to help as many people as he could to avoid the pit in the forest, and to become a part of the rescue team that would be pulling people out of the pit.

The story of the man who was rescued from the pit in the forest, and the skeletal remains in the pit full of dangerous insects, beasts, and reptiles, is the story of all men. The world we live in is like a pit filled with all manner of dangerous things. It is indeed a wonder how we ever get by on a daily basis. All you need do is listen to your radio set or turn on your T. V. set during news time, and what comes out are tales of wars, earthquakes, power struggles, hunger, famine, financial catastrophes, devastating natural disasters, incurable diseases, murders, etc. Most times, we are so far away from the location where these things are happening, that it almost seems like we are immune from such things. But that is not really the case, because, in every way, we experience the same things, but may be in varying degrees.

As we witness the ravaging of human beings on earth, we sometimes wonder if there is a way out of all these troubles. The truth is that the world will continue to deteriorate in terms of diseases, disasters, and the level of evil and wickedness occurring within, to mention a few. Some years ago, things were not as bad as they now are. For instance, there was a time when corruption was limited and contained, but now, it is widespread and epidemic. Virtually everybody is infected with corruption; whether in the homes, government, schools, etc. Indeed, wherever you turn, there is corruption! Also, the number of pregnancies and abortions involving teenagers is at an all-time highand when we say teenagers; we are talking of those who are 13, 14 and 15! Again, if your car gets stuck in the mud, little children who are less than 13, wouldnt render any help until you actually pay them upfront, and they just may not get your car out of the mud. And if you say you will wait for a good Samaritan to come by, you may actually have the longest wait ever, because there really arent any these days. Some would-be good Samaritans have learnt hard lessons, when they stopped to help strangers, and were viciously attacked instead by the strangers they were trying to help. What a cesspool we live in!

In such a situation, we all wonder if there is any hope. Well, there is hope! And it is in form of the rope which was dropped into the pit with which the rescuer rescued the man who fell into it. Our rescuer today from this cesspool that we find ourselves living in is God, and the rope that is lowered into the pit is faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God! A number of times God calls out to those living on earth if they want to be rescued from the challenges, and mayhem taking place within it, but many a times, the response, is No, thank you. We can manage fine on our own. Unfortunately, these are the people who become the skeletal remains in the pita warning to others that they are not going to survive the pit if they dont get help soon! Once in a while though, a few people who quickly realise the precarious condition they are in, accept Gods offer; and, the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, is extended to them.

Through this broadcast, you are listening to the voice of a man who was rescued from the pit, warning you about the dangers of this world, and telling you about the salvation of God through faith in Jesus Christ. The world we live in is a dangerous place, filled with all sorts of things which we do not really know of, although we may sometimes think that we can explain them. God is always asking the inhabitants of the world if they want to be rescued from the danger and mayhem of this world. He never forces anyone though, but impresses upon man the urgency required, for no one knows when he would come under attack by the elements, or come under the power of diseases, or fall into the temptation that has led many to an early grave. God is saying to you today, that without Him, you are at the mercy of the elements; at the mercy of evil and violent men; at the mercy of unexplainable and incurable diseases, and so on. If you can just call out to God and say, Please God, rescue me from the dangers, disasters, and diseases in this world, God will hear you, and send His salvation through Jesus Christ to save you. Some of those who ask for help may wonder if believing in Jesus Christ can save them. It seems so simple, and so easy to be true. This has been the problem of man. We believe that a problem as has been explained would require a major rescue operation involving angels fighting demons, and so on; but not so. Gods way of saving man is through faith in Jesus Christ only. Not only does faith in Jesus Christ save, it also gives eternal life to those who are thus saved.

Look around you, and you will see the pit you are in. Look around you and you will see the skeletal remains of many strong men and women whom you probably thought could make it in this pit called the world. Look around, and you will invariably hear God calling out and asking, Do you want to be rescued from the pit? This is the question for you today. Will you reject Gods offer of rescue? Or will you accept His offer and reach out and grab by faith, Jesus Christ for your salvation?

Well, if you dont want to accept Gods offer of salvation, do nothing; but if you want to accept it, there is something you must do: Tell God that you are willing to accept His offer of salvation, and ask Him to send you Jesus Christ by faith to help you get out of this pit. I am sure that within the hour, help will come from heaven above, and your life will take a turn for the best.

Let us pray!