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Best to Know Jesus

Some years ago, there was an advert that I read, which said, IT IS BETTER TO KNOW ME AND NOT NEED ME; THAN TO NEED ME AND NOT KNOW ME Friend, this simple advert statement holds true in life, and it will be the subject of our broadcast today.

Imagine those who were friends from childhood with the president of any nation, having a need which the president can use his good offices to resolve. The advert statement above holds true in this case, for it was a good thing that they had known the president before he became president, because now, they will be able to talk to him about their problems as against having to go through some government official at whatever level. What is most intriguing about the whole thing is the fact that when these childhood friends were making friends with the president years ago, they did not know that he would become president; neither could they have foreseen that they would have a problem, challenge, or need that only the president of the nation could resolve. This is the crux of the advert which implies that you never know when you are going to need someones help! There are a number of ancient proverbs which revolve around being good to people, for you know not when you would need their help. There is a particularly interesting adage which says something to the effect that, when you are climbing up the ladder of success, show kindness to those you meet on the way up the ladder, for you may need them on your way down!

Friend, if there is one thing that is certain in life; it is the fact that we all have problems, challenges, and needs. We all get to that point in life when we desperately need solutions to lifes problems and challenges. It is at those times that we wish we knew someone who could solve our problems or meet us at the very point of our needs, and alleviate our suffering. For example, when you find yourself in a jam with a policeman who is unyielding and unbending on a flimsy matter just because he wants you to part with money, it is at such times that you wish you knew a more superior police officer like a police commissioner who could send one of his aides to come and rescue you from this unpleasant situation.

Because of the nature of the world we live in, and the fact that problems, challenges and needs are common place, one person which everyone should know is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You say, why? That is because He is able to resolve all of lifes challenges regardless of what they may be.

I am sure that many people have heard about the miracle of turning water into wine by Jesus Christ; but not many people know what really took place before the water was turned into wine. So let me tell the story here. There was a wedding in a town called Cana in Galilee, and among those invited to the wedding, was Jesus and his disciples. In Jesus day, weddings were celebrated for days, and so all that was needed for the celebrations was usually bought and stored well in advance. In the course of the wedding celebrations which Jesus was attending, the celebrants ran out of wine. Talk about being in a tight spot. However, Jesus mother, Mary, knew about the problem, and thank God, she was also well connected with Jesus. So, Mary approached Him and told Him about the problem at the wedding. After a bit of banter, Jesus obliged her request and performed the miracle of turning water into wine. And by the way, the wine we are talking about here is non-alcoholic wine! On this occasion, it was good that the celebrants knew Jesus well enough to invite Him to their celebration. Had they not known Jesus, they would not have invited Him to their wedding, and when they ran out of wine, they really would have been in a serious jam.

Friend, it is better to know Jesus, as a friend, and not need Him (even though that is not possible), than to need Him (which is always the case) and not know Him. When we talk of knowing Jesus, we mean having a personal relationship with Him in such a way as you would have with a friend. This is only possible through the process of a spiritual rebirth, which simply requires that you repent of your sins, and ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your friend. It is as simple as that!

What a way to make friends with One who is worth more than anything you may ever desire in your whole life. Some have heard about Jesus, and the simple way of becoming friends with Him, but have not availed themselves the joy of meeting His acquaintance; they have rather chosen a more difficult route of making enquiries and investigations into the matter of human existence, religion, and life. Others have gone to hold meetings with pastors, but rather than listen to what the pastors have to say, they come up with all manner of questions and engage in endless and pointless debates about so many things, and end up no better in the end than when they first went to see the pastors.

Friend, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I can say with every confidence, as one who has a personal friendship relationship with Jesus, that when you make Jesus your friend, you can take any matter to Him. And as long as you follow His leading (which sometimes may sound foolish to the ordinary man), you will surely get your needs met. There is one need that most people dont readily think of, and it is that need that makes Jesus a very crucial ally; that is the need for eternal life!

Every man and woman on earth will surely die physically; but after this physical death is an afterlife. This afterlife can be eternal life or eternal sentence in hell. To enjoy eternal life, you definitely need to know Jesus, and have a personal relationship with Him. You certainly need to know Jesus in a very personal way if eternal life is your priority. Without this personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will, without any doubt, be facing eternal damnation in hell. The question for you today is, Do you know Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Do you have a personal relationship with Him? If your answer is No to both questions, we plead with you to invite Him into your heart today; even this minute. Repent of your sins, and invite Jesus into your heart! And friend, now is the time to do sowhile the breath of life is in you! There is a time when this relationship cannot be made any more; and that is after a person has died. So, while you are still alive, make friends with Jesus right now. Knowing Jesus while you are alive, will ensure that your need for eternal life is not only guaranteed but met!

Let us pray!