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Dealing With the Sin Virus

Have you been inoculated?asked the stranger, From what? was the reply. From the infectious disease! exclaimed the stranger, amazed that the individual he was speaking to did not know that there was a deadly disease spreading around. What disease?came the prompt response (stunned that the stranger could be so pre-occupied with diseases, when there was so much fun and merriment in the air). The deadly disease thats already killed millions of people all over the world! Havent you been following the news? Not quitewas the sober response; continuing, the responder then asked, So what must I do to be protected against this disease?

Funny how eerily familiar and relevant this conversation is in this day and time. Well, in case you dont know or have not heard; there is a deadly infection circulating all over the world, and its been killing millions in every nation, for as long as the world has existed! It does not discriminate against age, gender, race, ethnicity, language, tribe, and other discriminatory factors that we are used to. This disease has defied every known medical prescription, psychiatric analysis, academic research, sociological theories, political policy statements and actions, and many other avenues that many may seek for solution, including many so-called spiritual deliverance sessions! This disease cuts across all fields of human endeavour and manifests in many forms, including AIDS, drug addiction, schizophrenia, murder, paedophilia, homosexuality, prostitution, abortion, corruption, stealing, deception, and many others too numerous to mention here. For all its wide-reach, potency, and non-discriminatory disposition, its origin simply is, SIN! Sin dates back to the early beginnings of mankind on earth!

Many of us may have heard at one time or another, about the story of Adam and Eve; and how they were tempted into eating the forbidden fruit, and as a result, problems began to emanate in human society. Well, underneath that story is truth which has affected humanity. It is the truth about how man through Adam and Eve, disobeyed Gods command not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There were many other trees from which Adam and Eve were allowed to eat; indeed they could eat of all other fruits in the garden, except the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Unfortunately, they disobeyed God and ate of the tree of which God had said not to eat. This is the story of all men! We have several things given to us by God to partake of, but we would rather choose the only one that God says not to partake of. For example, we would not hesitate to engage in pre-marital sex; and then when we get married, we go on to engage in extra-marital sex. The one place where God said to enjoy the gift of sex, which is in marriage, is not common to see men and women who abide by that.

It was the disobedience of Adam and Eve, which brought sin into human life. Sin is a highly contagious virus, and spreads from one person to another at birth. Sin becomes more potent as a person associates with those who have developed a more potent version of the sin virus. Once sin comes into a human being it continues to grow and take over every part of that human beings life, until it finally destroys him. If all sin did was to kill the body of man, it would not have been so much of a problem as it is; sin does not just kill the body of man, but it destroys the soul of man and makes it unfit to be where God is, even after the man is physically dead! This is because the soul that commits sin habitually shall die. That is, the person infected by sin, who is yet to be delivered from its infection, will be separated from God forever after death. Such a man will never be able to enjoy all that God wants him to have in the life hereafter.

So we now come to the question earlier asked by individual who did not know about the highly contagious disease and that is, What must I do to be protected against the sin virus? This is the question that a fun-laden world must ask, and find the answer to, if we are to survive the sting of sin! Today, sin is a world-wide epidemic and has infected everyone in society, including leaders and other respected figures in our communities, localities, and nations. For example, we have heard of extra-marital affairs involving world leaders; we have heard of rapes and attempted rapes involving men and women of repute; we have read about top government functionaries accused and condemned for stealing; we have read of renown individuals engaged in human sacrifice to influence their political and economic position; we have also heard of religious leaders involved in many despicable acts, too shameful to mention. Need we say more? All these are the results of the sin epidemic. So, you should be asking, What can I do about the sin virus?

To be saved from the deadly impact of sin, the very first step is to acknowledge that you have the sin virus. It is a person who acknowledges that he has a disease that will ultimately go and see a doctor. Without first acknowledging that you have the sin virus, you are not likely to be interested in searching for a cure.

After you have acknowledged that you have the sin virus, you then need to go to God to seek His forgiveness through repentance. Repentance is a turning away from something that you were doing, which you now realize to be wrong, and a turning to the right way. You cannot, for instance, claim to have repented of sin, and be involved in stealing, fraud, forgery, pre-marital or extra-marital sex, homosexuality, witchcraft, and similar activities. Also, repentance is not what many of us do at the beginning of every year, when we make resolutions, which are broken within a few days or at best, one or two months after! Repentance means changing your ways from the ways of sin and evil, unto the way of righteousness and good. This act of genuine repentance opens the door of help from God to you to enable you defeat and overcome the sin virus whenever it tries to rear its ugly head. The help from God comes in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, taking up residence in you by His Spirit.

As much as we dont know how drugs are prepared in the laboratory before we ingest them, we also may not know how Jesus Christ takes up residence in us, but we know that if we ask Him, He will be present in us. Jesus Christ has conquered the sin virus; and if we welcome Him into our lives, we shall be eternally protected from this infection of sin and the destruction it brings to the soul of man. Jesus Christ is the only antidote that takes care of the sin pandemic.

Many have attempted to deal with the sin virus in their human wisdom, but have failed woefully. In fact, these people realized that the sin virus only grew worse in their lives. Friend, it is better to be safe than to be sorry! Be wise; repent and ask Jesus Christ into your life now before it is too late.

Let us pray!