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Spiritually Lost

There was a young boy who ran away from home. He arrived in the city centre in the day time and spent the rest of that day admiring the tall buildings there. It was an exciting time for the young boy as he viewed the beautiful scenery. At last, his dreams of being in the city had come to pass, he thought to himself. And for as long as it was daylight, he enjoyed every bit of the excitement. But as darkness began to fall, and the city centre began to empty out, it suddenly dawned on the young boy that he was all alone, far away from home, and far away from all those who love him. Yes! He was lost! Fear and dread came upon him because he did not know what to do, neither did he know where and how he was going to spend the night.

This is not just any story; it is something that happens every day in very many societies around the world. Little children with no knowledge of the real world other than their desire to be free from parental authority, or the poverty of their environment, leave home and end up as lost children. In trying to deal with the issue of lost children, many Organizations have stepped into adopting some of the lost children in the hope of giving them a chance at life. In other cases, governments have tried to solve the problem, by seeking to provide amenities for children in less privileged communities. Unfortunately, the real reason for which these lost children became lost has never really been addressed.

More often than not, a child who runs away from home does not say the real reason for which he ran away from home. When interviewed, these children claim that they left home because of parental abuse (which really is parental discipline applied to a wayward child), or, because of the inability of their parents to take care of their needs (which really may be the desire of the child to have what his parents are unable to afford), among many other reasons. To deal with the issue however, we need to know the real reason for which the child left home. Usually, the reason is no more than the childs desire to have what he believes to be the good life that the city offers. So, how do you deal with the desire of a child to have something that he considers better than his present state, when the child may not even know that what he desires in real terms is not what he thinks it to be?

The story of lost children makes a compelling reading, listening or viewing, depending on which media you are sourcing your information from. But there are full grown men and women who are more lost than the children. Every day, all across the world, there are movements of adults seeking opportunities they believe life has to give them in foreign lands. There are those who travel across dangerous and treacherous waters in boats which are unable to ferry them safely across seas and oceans, in search of a better life in foreign lands. Others stow away in cargo holds of ships and airplanes in the hope of entering a choice foreign land. Then there are those who will pay their life savings to obtain visas to countries of their choice in the hope of disappearing once they are in that country. Most of these adults however, end up as slave labourers, prostitutes, and criminals in the societies they find themselves, for they soon realise that all that glitters is not gold! By the time they come to that realization however, they are without any means of livelihood, and seek for whatever means can give them sustenance. When a person reaches such a point in his life, he does not think of morals. What is uppermost in his mind is how he can survive what he has gotten himself into. We have heard of people who leave our shores for foreign lands, and we sometimes become envious of them, but we are never really aware of what they are grappling with, and their desire not to let people know what they are really doing in the countries they have found themselves in. some time ago, while at an international airport, we saw a fellow Nigerian who was engaged to wash toilets in that airport. This fellow hid his face from anyone who looked like a Nigerian, so that he would not be recognized.

As bad and as sad as the case of lost children and misguided adult immigrants are, there is an even worse situation in the world today. This is the case of people who are spiritually lost. Although we live in the so-called comfort of our homes, yet like the lost children in our societies, and the adults who emigrated in the false hope of a better life in a foreign land, many people in the world are spiritually lost. Not many realize that they are spiritually lost because they are enjoying the things which the world seems to offer them. However, as is always the case, there comes a time when night falls, and it suddenly hits them that they are all alone in this world. Although they may be surrounded by friends and family, yet it dawns on them that in the midst of so many people, they are lost and alone!

A man rises to a place of great wealth, power, and fame; and yet suddenly, something happens and he finds himself in one trouble or another, and is unable to get himself out of it. He tries, but it is clear to him that there is no way out of his quagmire. He is staring at a prison sentence, and does not know what to do, because all who knew him have deserted him. To make matters worse, his wife and children are too ashamed of his present predicament to want to associate with him. Suddenly, it dawns on him that he has nobody on earth that he can turn to. He hears the sound of jubilation all around him but he is not jubilant, and he wonders if these jubilant people realize that there are people suffering in the world? He indeed is lost, and does not know his way home.

The Psalmist captures this scenario very well when he says, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death . Friend, there is a valley of the shadow of death in every mans path. When you pass through the valley of disappointment, the valley of disgrace, the valley of loss of political power, the valley of sickness that defies treatment (medical or otherwise), or the valley of loneliness in a familiar world; that is when you will suddenly realize that you are lost and far away from home. The Psalmist recognized that there will always be a time when man goes through a valleythe valley of the shadow of death. It is not the valley of death, but one that mimics death, for death in reality is an everlasting separation from the Creator of the heavens and the earth! But what was the Psalmists way out of his quagmire, hear him: Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me. The Psalmist had a confidence in Someone, and he expresses it when he said, for Thou art with me. Who is this person that the Psalmist is so confident in? He is God, the Maker of the Universe that gives the Psalmist the confidence to pass through the valley of the shadow of death! When a man is sure that the God of the heavens and the earth has not deserted him, he can indeed be confident no matter what he is going through!

Friend, night falls on man; his life is eclipsed by the presence of death. He reaches the point in his life, when death is knocking. For many men, fear comes upon them and they dont know what to do. They cry and sob like babies, for the fear of what lies ahead on the other side of this life. It is sad to note that people never really pay attention to what happens after this life, until they arrive at the valley of the shadow of death; by which time, in most cases, it is too late.

There is a story that Jesus, the Son of God (the Maker of the heavens and the earth) told. It is the story of a rich man who died and found himself in hell (the place of everlasting separation from God). Being thirsty, he made a passionate request for water, but was told that he could not get what he was asking for. The rich man then made another request: he asked that someone be sent from the land of death to warn his brothers and friends who were living life like there is no tomorrow. The answer he got was that there are many preachers in the world to tell them to beware. Dear friend, today, you are listening to a message in response to the request of the rich man who found himself in hell. And this is the message, turn to God now while there is hope; for the time will come, and very soon, when it will be impossible to find God, let alone turn to Him. Are you wandering about what will happen to you after you die? Are you right now in the valley of the shadow of death, and are afraid? Are you sinking fast in the mire of the disaster of your own making, and there is no one to help you out? Do you feel all alone in this world, even though you may be surrounded by friends and family, wealth and power, and fame and titles? Turn to God today, through Jesus Christ, His Son, and you will, sooner than you can imagine, find Gods comfort, His rest, and His salvation for your soul!

Let us pray!