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Have You Lost Your Way in Life?

I remember the story of a man who travelled to another country on holidays, and went shopping. On the way to the shopping mall, he observed some landmarks that he could use to identify his way back to the hotel where he was staying. After his shopping, believing that he had his bearings right, he began to make his way back to his hotel, using the landmarks he had earlier identified, but after about 30 minutes, he was surprised that he wasnt yet at the hotelit was taking him longer to reach his hotel than it took him to reach the shopping mall from the hotel. As he continued to follow the landmarks he had spotted earlier on, it suddenly dawned on him that he was lost! It was embarrassing for this man, because he had always thought himself as a compassa person who could find his way back after travelling on a road, even once. Besides, he was confident he had his bearings right. Unfortunately, the landmarks he had noted were not unique, because they were present at almost every other turn. So, believing that he was on the right track, he had made a number of turns each time he saw those familiar landmarks, and before long, he was lost in a strange land. But thank God, it was in a country where they had pay phones that worked!

After much struggle within himself on how he would look if he called the hotel to ask for directions; he decided to humble himself and make the call. Upon reaching the hotel phone operator, he was asked where he was calling from. The lost man was able to give a description of where he was, using some of the landmarks around him, and street names he had come across along the way. It was then that he realized that he was not just lost, but that he was completely off course from where the hotel he was staying was located. It is like being on the east side of town when you should have been on the west side!

The story we have just told could be your story, for we are all strangers on the earth, trying to make our way through life in our pursuits on a daily basis. Along the way, we note landmarks that seem to suggest that we are on the right track back home. By the way, home as we use it here, refers to the final destination that God intends for everyone who loves Him and who follows His leading. Many people have followed landmarks of success but have discovered much to their disappointment that they still do not have any contentment in their lives. They leave for work each day but are never able to attain to the place of real satisfaction. Many have lost their moral compass in life. They can no longer differentiate what is right from what is wrong. For some people, things are right as long as they say it is right. These people are a law unto themselves: they can drive against traffic and justify it, even if they injure and kill a pedestrian in the process. For others it does not matter how they get things done, provided they get the result they want. For this group of people, you say You are prostituting, they say, We are making a living; you say You are homosexual, they say, We are exercising our right to choose our sexual preferences. But somewhere within them, they know that something is wrong, but they cannot help themselves. In truth, they are unwilling to seek help because they just cannot imagine that they are wrongthat they have missed their way in life! Like the man in our story they have believed that they a compass on life and can never miss their way in life.

Many people have lost their way in their religious life. They see familiar landmarks of religious activities that suggest erroneously that they are still on track, but in reality, they are travelling farther and further away from where they ought to be. They can no longer distinguish a meeting where God is present from one where idolatry is practiced. As long as the place they have gone to is called church or fellowship, whatever they practice there must be from God they surmise. They say, It is the same God we are all serving. Friend if you are one of those speaking like this, you are sooooo lost! Someone said something to the effect that the fact that something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and moves like a duck, does not necessarily mean that it is a duck! A place may be called church, and they may sing songs that you know they sing in churches, but if iniquity is practiced there, then it cannot be the sanctuary of God! On football match days among Nigerians, songs from the Supporters Club Stand are many of the choruses song in churches; so does that make what is happening in the stadium a meeting with God? Certainly not!

Are you confused about life? Is it possible that you dont even know what is right from what is wrong anymore? Or perhaps you are not sure of what will happen to you after you die? Are you going to church and somehow you know that with all the razzmatazz, your life is empty? Are you just going through the motions, but you know that nothing really is happening in your life? A pendulum swings back and forth several times a minute, and yet it remains in a back and forth motion, without any real movement. A cone when spurn makes oscillatory motions but spins only about a spot, without any movement. Friend, all motion is not movement. Are you in a state of motion, but no movement?

A clock that has stopped working is correct twice a day! The fact that things seem to be going well for you once in a while does not mean that things are going well for you. Do the landmarks of your lifes path seem so familiar, you think you are on the right track, and in spite of all your effort at reaching you destination, you discover that you are further away from the mark? There are people who are preaching a prosperity gospel that has nothing to do with God, and many people are gulping such prosperity messages, but by now it has become clear to you that you have been fooled. Friend, let us say categorically here that God cannot bless unrighteousness. You cannot obtain money by fraudulent, evil, or wicked means and say God is blessing me. God is not looking for your praise from fraudulent transactions! He is interested in praise from people who are upright in heart towards Him. All money is not good money. For example, stolen money is not good money. If you duped someone to make money, it is not good money. If you extorted money from someone, it is not good money. If you cheated to get the money that you are boasting so much about, it is not good money that you have. If you used political office to divert money into your pocket, it is not good money. And remember that no matter how long you keep doing what is wrong, one day it will turn around and bite you! How true the saying, Everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner!

If you have lost your way in life, do what the visitor to the foreign country in our story did: ask for direction from the place from where you left. For every human being, that means, asking God. Once, after a religious program, Jesus stood and shouted aloud, words like If you are still not satisfied, come to me, and I will give you living water which will satisfy you this He spoke concerning the Holy Spirit which was to be given to all those who come to God and ask of Him. Perhaps you have been going to church, and at the end of the day your life is still the same. Friend, you need to come to Jesus, and ask Him for the Holy Spirit. But first you must have confessed your sins to God and decided that you are no longer going to live a sinful life. This is what qualifies you for the beginning of a journey in life that will land you safe on the side of God in eternity. This new journey that you will begin will take you through life with divine guidance, and you are sure to end up at the destination God has planned for you. But it must begin with asking Jesus to come into your life after you have repented of your sins.

Let us pray!