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Get Married to Jesus

One of the happiest days of a womans life is the day of her wedding, but in some cases, it could also be a day of sadness or mixed feelings. The joy of a wedding could be as a result of any of the following: the reality of being hooked to a much sought after man; the fact that one would no longer be hounded to get married; the anticipation of the consummation of the marriage; the anticipation of raising a wonderful family; to the fact that, the stigma of being single will be erased; and so on. But the sad part comes however, when the woman suddenly realizes that her life has taken on a radical change, and that though outwardly she is still the same girl, yet many things have changed almost instantaneously about her: for example, her name changes to her husbands names (and in some cultures, this involves the change of her middle and last names, which may mean a total loss of her previous identity); her signature changes to reflect her new name; her residence changes as she moves into the mans house (though sometimes, the man may move into the womans home); her priority becomes her husband and her marriage as opposed to her career, parents and siblings as before the wedding. When some women realize these facts, they weep, not because they do not want to be married, but because they have taken on a huge responsibility of having to begin life afresh with someone they have only just known for a few years (or even a couple of months), compared to their parents and siblings whom they have known all their lives! However, all of these aside, marriage is a beautiful thing which God established for the sanity of human society, even though we know how awfully bad some marriages have actually turned out.

As bad as some marriages may have turned out, there are nonetheless, many marriages that are good. A good marriage does not mean that there are no misunderstandings between the man and his wife, or, that the couple do not face hard times. No! A good marriage means that the couple are able to tackle, overcome, and are sustained through the challenges that life has thrown at them!

It is a fact that every human being on earth is either married to something or someone. What do I mean by this? Marriage is a term that signifies being joined to another. So, when for instance, two companies come together to form another company, or, one company swallows (buys) up another, a marriage has taken place and the corporate terminology which describes such a marriage is known as, mergers and acquisitions. When a person is involved in a habit such that it becomes difficult to detach him from that habit, it is called an addiction. And where a person is an adherent to a set of beliefs, it is called religion. So therefore, whether it is mergers and acquisition, addiction, religion, fraternities, etc; all human beings are inadvertently married to someone or something. And we have observed that many of such marriages end up as horribly bad marriages. For example, a person who is married to drugs, which is also called addiction, at the beginning, believes that he is having fun, (having circumvented going through the necessary change that every marriage requires, e. g., the change of name, signature, address and desires), until it dawns on him much later, that in his addiction, he has actually made himself to become a wife to drugs and cannot break free! Here, the addict has changed into the spouse of what he has become married to, that is, he has become a wife to drugs! He changes from being a decent individual into a drug addict, his abode is now the drug joints, and his desire is one hundred percent, drugs! The same trap goes for all who have affinities with cult groups. At first, people believe they can circumvent cult rules, but then all of a sudden, they find out they are in for a shocker because whatever their cults demands, that, they must do, or face deadly consequences and so on! These kinds of marriages never end well for the people who choose to be married to these things.

However, there is one marriage that all who go into it have no regrets. As a matter of fact, those who are in this marriage, always recommend it to others because of the positive changes it has brought into their lives. This marriage of no regret is the marriage to Jesus Christ! Please note that marriage to Jesus Christ is not marriage to a church or religion, but to Jesus Christ! The beauty of this marriage is that once it is genuinely contracted, all necessary changes occur instantly. Your last name changes to the name of God, your title changes to Child of God, your place of residence changes from this world to heaven in fact, automatically, you become a citizen of heaven, and your desire will be to do the will of God, which is always good and beneficial to you and others. By this marriage, you have access to talk to God Who reigns and rules over heaven and earth!

But before you can be married to Jesus, you must first be permanently separated from what or who you are married to spiritually. For example, the drug addict must be willing to be permanently separated from drugs; the cult member must be willing to be permanently separated from his cult; the prostitute must be willing to be permanently separated from prostitution; the gambler must be willing to be permanently separated from gambling; the person married to a spirit husband or spirit wife must be willing to be permanently separated from such a spirit husband or wife; etc. Whatever a person has become addicted to, he must be willing to be permanently separated from it. We say, willing to be permanently separated from because we recognize the inability of an individual who is married to addictions of any sort to be separated from such an oppressive marriage. However, when a person decides to be married to Jesus, and is willing to be permanently separated from these things, Jesus Christ is the only One Who can make the separation possible. But He needs a persons willingness to be able to do it! The way to go about separation from sin and satanic oppression through Jesus Christ is to first, admit that you are in a bad marriage, and no longer want to continue with such a marriage. Only then can you ask Jesus to come into your life and save you from satanic oppression. One thing you must realize is that, unless you have henceforth, made up your mind to be married to Jesus Christ permanently, any separation from such ungodly marriages will only be temporary because you will find yourself falling back to you former habits before you know it. So, make up your mind for a permanent change today!

Let us pray!