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Let the People Go!

Every story in the bible has an application for the lives of those living in the world today. More than this, is the fact that in the Bible, are lessons for everyone living on earth today. And so, today, we want to look at one of such stories, with a view to seeing its application and the lessons to learn therefrom. For lack of time, we shall not be reading passages from the bible, but we shall tell the story from the bible all the same. In the book of Exodus, the bible records that the children of Israel, who had emigrated to Egypt during a famine and had remained there, had later on become enslaved under an oppressive rule by the Egyptians. This oppression went on for over 400 years. And even though the children of Israel cried unto God, God waited until about the 430th year to deliver them. This waiting upon God by the children of Israel was due to some factors, which were:
1) God wanted to take Israel from Egypt, the land of oppression, to Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey, but the sins of the people in the land of Canaan, was not yet full, and God was not prepared to remove the occupants of the land until the cup of their sins was full. By the time God acted, therefore, the sins of the Canaanites was full, and so the land of milk and honey was now ready to be occupied by the children of Israel.
2) Moses, the man by whose hand God was going to bring deliverance to the children of Israel was not ready until the time in question. It took about 40 years for Moses to be made ready. But once Moses was ready, God was set to go and deliver Israel from Egypt.
3) Even though many of the Israelites were crying out for deliverance, not all of them were ready to leave Egypt, because some of them who were chosen to supervise their brethren were enjoying some privileges from the Egyptians; but all that was about to change!

How does this story apply to you? Well, for one, as a Nigerian, when you look at the situation in this country, you can definitely relate to the oppression in the land. Not only that, even though many Nigerians are complaining bitterly about how bad things are in the land, there are those politicians, police officers, and other corrupt and oppressive individuals who are perfectly happy with the corruption, oppression, and confusion, in the land. On an individual level, many of us are dilly dallying between getting out of corruption and remaining in it, because we have seen the pros and cons of corruption. So, when it favours us, corruption is okay, but when we are not favoured, corruption is not okay; but all that is about to change!

Then, there is the issue of the place that God has prepared for those whom He will be delivering from oppression. This place is ready and so it is no longer a matter of how long. The time is now! God wants to take you (assuming you are being oppressed, and not an oppressor) to a land flowing with milk and honey, and that land is ready right now. The land flowing with milk and honey is the true freedom which only God can bring to a people who have been oppressed all their lives. That land is a state of mind which makes you ready to worship the One True God, and where you will be prepared for the ultimate destination of glory, which is heaven!!!

And then also, is the matter of the readiness of the deliverer. In our case, the Deliverer has always been ready, and He is not Moses. No, the Deliverer is Jesus Christ, the Son of God! What makes Jesus unique as a deliverer is the fact that some 2,000 years ago, He had already paved the way for your deliverance! All that Jesus has been waiting for is to know when you will be ready for the journey to get out of the oppression of Egypt; that is, the corruption, oppression, and confusion in your life.

This brings us to the final point we want to make: Friend, are you ready to move into the land that God has prepared for all who want to get out of the hands of their oppressors? If your answer is Yes, then, run to Jesus, the Great Deliverer!

Lets get back to the story! Once the people were ready and everything was set, God sent Moses to go to Pharaoh, the head of the oppressors, to say: Let My people go! But Pharaoh refused, saying, I dont know God, so I will not let you go! And even though it took some time, eventually, after God had demonstrated his great power and judgment through many afflictions on Pharaoh, the land of Egypt, and its people (including the killing of their firstborn sons),it was these same Egyptians who freely released and begged the children of Israel to leave their country! In the time it took from when God made His demand for the release of His people to the time His people were actually released, God judged all the gods and idols of Egypt.

In sending Moses to Pharaoh, it is important to note that God was not begging, neither was He negotiating with Pharaoh. He was simply making a demand for the release of His people. And this is the essence, of this broadcast! God is saying to those who have been oppressing people all over the world: LET THE PEOPLE GO!

The God of heaven and earth is commanding, not begging, all oppressors: be they spiritual, political, economic, or religious, to let their captives go free! Or else, face His wrath as did Pharaoh, his family, and the entire nation of Egypt! If you are using esoteric or occultic means to keep people in captivity or spellbound to you, causing them to live in fear, you are an oppressor; and God is saying to you to desist from the practice and release all the people you are holding in captivity. If you are paying peanuts to your workers, whether you are government, or a private business, you are an oppressor, and you should let the people go by paying what is fair in the light of the economic reality; not some arbitrary amount which cannot meet the ordinary needs of the people. If you are a political leader, and you are busy stealing the money of the people, God is telling you to cease from doing that or else face His wrath. You may be able to hide behind a godfather in your political grouping, but you cannot hide from God. The day of reckoning has finally come. This is not an anti-corruption committee or tribunal that can be manipulated, but the God of heaven and earth, Who cannot be bribed. Are you a religious leader who is holding people in bondage and captivity, asking the people in your organization to keep giving money and other resources to fund your personal ostentation and ambition? Hear the word of God today, Let the people go! This call is to all those who are oppressing people in the land: LET THE PEOPLE GO!

And if you are a captive, it is time for you to run to the Great Deliverer, Whose Name is Jesus Christ. Call upon Him now and ask Him to save you, for the Bible says, all who call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved! By saying call on Jesus, we mean that you should turn from your wicked ways and turn to God, asking for forgiveness for the sinful life you have been living, stating clearly that you will no longer live that kind of a life again. Call on Jesus in your own words and receive the forgiveness, salvation, and deliverance of God this instant!

Let us pray!