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The Rescue of the Trapped Miners (repeat)

In October 2010, there was an incident in the nation of Chile that captured the attention of the whole world. It was the rescue of 33 miners who were trapped in a mine some 622 meters (about half a mile) below the earths surface. This event was captured by some 39 international television stations beaming live events of the rescue of these men to viewers all over the world. Suddenly, other events that had been considered to be major, took a back seat. But how did this all begin?

On August 5, 2010, the mine in which these 33 men were working collapsed, and they became trapped under. When contact was finally made with the men about 25 days later, they informed those on the surface of the earth that all 33 of them were alive. There was elation and jubilation everywhere. A camp was set up, called Camp Hope', which housed the rescue team, anxious family members, and friends of the miners.

The rescue team in Camp Hope informed the trapped miners below that every effort was being made to rescue them. There were three major plans that came up for consideration. The best of these plans was going to reach the trapped miners in December, 2010. In the interim, a channel of communication was established through which supplies was sent to the men. As a result of this temporary communication link, the trapped miners were able to participate in the bi-centennial celebration of Chile, watch some South American matches involving Chilean clubs, and, one of them was privileged to witness the birth of his baby girl!

Drilling operations to reach the miners began on September 17, and by October 12 (well ahead of schedule), the rescue team was ready to bring the trapped miners out, using a capsule that had just enough space to transport one man at a time from below the earths surface! The rescue operation itself was a bit complicated in that it required first lowering one of the rescuers, a seasoned veteran in the rescue business, with supplies, through the capsule, and then bringing up the first of the trapped men in the same capsule, while the seasoned rescuer remained behind in the mine. Other rescuers were to follow, as the capsule brought the miners up to the surface, until there were five rescuers down in the mine. And so, one after the other, all 33 miners were brought up to the surface using the same capsule; then followed the bringing up of all the rescuers, with the first rescuer being the last man to be brought up. This whole operation lasted a little over 24 hours from commencement!

A very profound aspect of the entire event, which must have stunned many observers, (especially the Western media and the nations they represent), was the fact that the Chilean President (along with his wife, the minister for mines, and other cabinet ministers) were on hand to receive the miners one by one as they emerged to the surface. The Chilean President, who is a legitimate billionaire even before he became President, was on his feet for the most part of the over 24-hour operation, and embraced every single miner that was rescued!

As each miner was brought out of the collapsed mine in the capsule, there was applause from all who were watching: immediate family members, the President of Chile and his ministers, the entire population of Chile, and those watching by television all over the world! After the last rescuer was brought out of the mine, there was a most thunderous applause. It was all over! Then the mine hole was sealed off, never again to be re-entered! All 33 trapped miners and the rescue team were out; safe and secure after 69-70 days in the belly of the earth!

Dear listener, there is a parallel between this event that took place in the nation of Chile, and the kingdom of God! The collapsed mine can be likened to the world we live in, where there is a collapse of morals; and where sin and evil practices hold sway. The trapped miners can be likened to all human beings, who are under subjection to the elements of this collapse of morals, sin, and evil practices. The bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. All simply means all human beings without exception! The initial communication link which brought some hope and relief to the miners can be likened to the coming of Jesus Christ the Son of God, who came and died to destroy the control of sin in the lives of men. He brought a message of hope to the world, which makes it possible for people trapped in sin and evil practices to break free. The President of Chile can be likened to God Almighty, Who is very much interested in the rescue of every human being from this trapped world, and Who is eagerly waiting to embrace and receive as many as will be rescued. The first rescuer who went into the mine can be likened to the Holy Spirit; while the other rescuers that followed after can be likened to the numerous preachers who have been sent by God to show men the way out of bondage. All who accept the way out will be made ready to meet with God in heaven through the capsule of Gods salvation!

Now, think of what could have happened, had some of the trapped miners said to the rescuers that they were okay with the temporary provision of television, food supplies, and the media attention they were getting; and were not interested in being rescued? I am sure the rescuers would have been dumbfounded, knowing that the conditions above are far better than the conditions in the mine. The rescuers would have been unable to save them because they would not have been able to force the miners to enter the capsule; neither would they have been willing to stay back inside the mine in sympathy with the miners. The mine was bound to collapse completely, anyway!

Dear friend, humanity is trapped within a collapsing world system. Sin is the devils chief agent, causing the collapse of morals and increasing human depravity. And as long as a person does not have someone who can save and deliver him, the power of sin over him will be increasingly heavy and stifling. The good news friend is that, that Someone is Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, Whom God has sent to save, and deliver all who are trapped in this world. He also came to tell us that God wants to bring us all out of this pit of sinful living; far away from the reach of the devil, into the place of everlasting joy and eternity with God. The bible says, For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). Whosoever means just that: whosoever! It does not matter whether you are a church goer, a mosque attendee, a worshipper in any other religion, a cult member, a pastor, an imam, a grand-master in the occult world, a president, a governor, a chief executive, a messenger, or, a market woman! Whosoever is an all-inclusive word: it covers everyone who is fed up with the world system and sin, and desires a better life through the righteousness of God.

Dear listener, what we want you to know is that God had always had a plan to save man from the entrapment of sin. This plan includes, giving man the power to live above sin while he is here on earth; and to bring him to heaven when his days on earth are over! But, God will not force any man to enter into His capsule of salvation. It is important for you to know that the capsule of Gods salvation can only take one person at a time! This means that each individual is responsible for his or her decision on whether or not he or she wants to be rescued.

I want you to know that there is hope for you, because heavens rescue operation is in progress! Some have already gone up to heaven to meet the grand welcoming Party of God and His heavenly host; while others are preparing for their own time when they will meet with their Maker. Do not desire to stay back, thinking that the sinful pleasure of this world will last forever. No! It will not. This world will be destroyed by fire in the end, and God will replace it with a new heaven and a new earth!

Gods rescue operation is being expedited even now; because no one knows the precise day or time that this present world will be destroyed. All we can say is that time is not on your side!
Make that move today! Get inside Gods capsule of salvation before it is too late! A place of unfailing hope, everlasting peace and eternal life is guaranteed with God. What is your response going to be?

Wont you get in and avoid the destruction that is to come to those who refuse Gods rescue plan? Today is your day to escape! Are you saying; Yes, I want to hop into the capsule?, if so, I say A big congratulations to you! I will be praying for you in a moment, but first, I would like you to begin to talk to God in your heart.

Let us pray.