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The Tasting is in the Eating

The story is told of three young girls in the city of New York, who, standing outside a clothes store, were admiring a dress hanging on display behind the window. A young man standing nearby could not help but overhear two of the girls trying very hard to describe the dress to the third girl, who was blind.

As the two friends painstakingly kept trying, to find the right words to describe the beauty of the dress to their blind friend, the young man standing by, turned to them, and said, Why not take her into the store and let her touch and feel the dress for herself? As they heeded his advice; soon, the young man could see the blind girl, who had had a puzzled look earlier, now wear a broad smile on her face and, was equally as excited as her friends were, because now by running her fingers all over the dress, she could understand their excitement. It was a beautiful dress!

Dear listener, the good news of the kingdom of God operates in a much similar manner. No amount of words can substitute for the personal joy and peace of experiencing first hand, the beauty and wonder of the good news.

I am sure you have heard proverbs like; Experience is the best teacher and, The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Many of the hymns we know and love were written by people who tasted and experienced the true joy and peace that the good news brought to them after they walked and lived in it.

For example, John Newton was an 18th Century ship captain, who was engaged in slave trade, but later became a Christian. But even as a Christian, he continued in the trade, for it was an acceptable occupation in his days. Then one day, God opened his eyes to the wickedness and sinfulness of slavery. Later on in his life, John Newton was reputed as one of those who encouraged William Wilberforce to fight for the abolition of slave trade. But his most profound legacy was the words of the hymn, Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; I was once lost but now Im found; was blind, but now I see. Are you engaged in something that men consider acceptable, but which God considers a sin? You too can see what the rest of the world may refuse to see, if only you will turn to God. And even though you may be attending church services regularly, if your walk is not in line with Gods standard, you can ask Him to help you.

Another example is Charlotte Elliot, the daughter of a silk merchant in 19th Century England. She searched for salvation, not knowing how to get it until one day, she met a preacher who told her, "Come, just as you are!" and she accepted Jesus as her Saviour that day. Arising from this experience she wrote the famous hymn, Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me; and that Thou bidst me come to Thee, O Lamb of God, I come. Do you feel insulted, lost, or without understanding, when you are asked to come to Jesus? Or perhaps you dont even know how to start the journey? Well its really simple: No ceremonies are needed; just present yourself to Him as you are; admit that you are a sinner; ask Jesus to forgive your sins, come into your heart and wipe away your past!

Then also, there is the story of one Horatio Spafford; a 19th Century American lawyer based in Chicago, and a supporter of the ministry of the acclaimed evangelist, D. L. Moody. He suffered the loss of his only son who was just four years old, to scarlet fever in 1870. Spafford was financially ruined during the great Chicago fire in 1871; and in 1873, he lost the remainder of his four daughters in a shipwreck. What a calamity! But through it all, Spafford trusted in God. He found peace in spite of his great loss, and was able to compose the great hymn; When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to know, It is well with my soul. You too may have lost some precious and personal things in your life. But the good news from heaven assures you that God will be there to comfort and uphold you in your hour of need. Indeed, the word of God does not say that you will not face rough and tough times; but it assures you that when those times come, God will neither forsake, nor abandon you.

Many years ago, I struggled with alcohol which led me into many sins. I read books and tried all sorts of things to be free from the grip of alcohol over my life to no avail. I tried not going out with my drinking buddies; I tried not going to the beer parlour; I even tried the AA confessional declarations; but all to no avail. Then I began reading the bible, but got confused when I came to a passage that said; with the heart man believeth, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Also, I questioned whether or not Jesus died for me; I questioned the issue of Jesus resurrecting from the dead; finally, I wandered how relevant all this was to being free from alcohol. Then one day, I was invited to a Christian breakfast meeting, and by the end of the sermon, I found myself walking out to the front of the altar to surrender my life to Jesus. Instantly, I felt the power of God come over me and I knew from that moment on, that the stronghold of alcohol and a sinful life was broken in my life. I was totally delivered and free from the entanglement of sin. My life took a turn for the best. Praise God! Friend, I have experienced the good news of the kingdom of God first hand; that is why I can boldly declare to you today how wonderful and liberating it is.

Shortly after my salvation experience, my best friend came to visit me. Challenged with the change he saw in my life, he went home that night and prayed to God, saying, If this friend of mine can be saved, delivered from alcohol, and have joy, then God, you can surely save me too. That night God saved his soul, and told him to go to a Christian congregation where he would make a public declaration of what had taken place in his bedroom. The opportunity came and he did it publicly. Today, he is still enjoying the experience of receiving Jesus Christ into his life!

But no matter how much I speak about the goodness of God in a mans life, and the joy that wells up within after you have received Jesus Christ into your heart, you may still not be able to fully appreciate what I am saying until you have yourself tasted of this life. It comes only by a personal interaction and relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The bible says, O taste and see that the Lord is good.

Do you tell lies and are unable to stop doing so? Do you steal and cannot stop yourself? Do you just find yourself being wicked to people and you want to stop it but dont know how? Are you facing forces that you are unable to overcome? Are you struggling with sexual impurities in your life, like prostitution, homosexuality (a man having, or desiring to have, sexual intercourse with another man), lesbianism (a woman having, or desiring to have, sexual intercourse with another woman), adultery, incest (having, or desiring to have, intercourse with your brother or sister or parents or child or in-laws, etc.), necrophilia (being sexually engaged, or desiring to be thus engaged, with dead bodies)? Are you tired of the after-taste of alcohol and endless partying, and cant seem to get out of it? Or, is your case that of drug addiction? Are you getting high on cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp, and so on, and cant get out of it? Do you feel that you cannot make ends meet unless you take bribes? Are you weary of the direction your life is taking and you desperately want a change? Have you been hearing people say, Come to Jesus, but you dont know how? Have you been going to church for so long and wandering why your life has not changed? Are you bound to the occult and want to get out but are afraid of the repercussions?

Friend, words alone cannot describe how liberating it is to have God in control of your life, until you actually experience it! If you are ready to be free from sin, there is no need to delay. Lets do it now; right this minute, as you are listening to this broadcast. I will make only one request of you at this time: where ever you are now, begin to talk to God in your heart. Tell Him that you are a sinner, and that you want Him to come and change your life. Tell Him that you want Him to save you from those things that have controlled your life for so long. Ask God to come and take absolute control of your life and enable you to maintain the new life He is giving to you now, in Jesus Name.

Now, let me pray for you: Heavenly Father, I pray for all those who have listened to this broadcast, and who have responded by asking you to come into their hearts. Please forgive them of their sins, and cleanse and deliver them from the things they are controlled by. Save their souls and make them Your very own. I also ask that the new life You have given them will remain with them unto eternity. This I pray in Jesus name.